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European Union Law Toolbox

     Welcome to LexisNexis European Union Law Toolbox!  This toolbox is your portal to discover all the research resources and analysis from across our organization that LexisNexis can put at your command.  You will find here our premiere analytical content from Matthew Bender, LN Butterworths UK, LexisNexis France and Germany, as well as the incomparable EU search tools- the EU Tracker  and  the EU Tax Cases Tracker, both from  LN Butterworths UK....    


EU Tracker is a unique monitoring and analysis tool which provides vital inside knowledge on the impact of key EU Directives on the legislation of MEMBER STATES and the path to implementation. No other product on the market can deliver ALL this

- Indispensible tracking of EU directive implementation

- Expert analysis by our expert team of in-house EU law editors   -   enjoy these free samples below:

         The Lisbon Treaty after the Irish "No' Vote;  Ways out of the Impasse, by Dr. Alexander Türk, School of Law, King's College London , General Editor EU Tracker.

       German Rescue Package Leaves Tax Questions Unanswered by Neasa MacErlean

       EU Work Programme 2009 by Timo Voelker, Technical Editor, EU Tracker

 - Up -to-the-minute alerts 

 - Seamless links to LexisNexis Butterworths

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AND NOW, we are pleased to present the EU Tax Cases Tracker the incomparable new search tool from LexisNexis Butterworths  that helps you track the progress of tax cases through the European Court, from a national court referral through Advocate General opinion through to full ECJ judgment and includes an e-mail alert notifying you of cases as they progress through the court system.

This service will provide the following, together with expert analysis:

1. Early identification of cases that are likely to be referred (i.e. rumoured/prospective cases) - or which have been referred, to the ECJ and the issues these cases raise

2. Tracking of cases once they are with the Registry at the ECJ: e.g. tracking the various written stages in the procedure, and any decisions taken regarding the disposition of the case

3. Tracking when the AGO and the Judgment are published

4. Tracking what happens to a case once it returns to the national court (in the case of a reference for a preliminary ruling), or the impact in terms of national legislation (e.g. in infringement proceedings). E.g. it has been particularly difficult to keep up with what has happened to the Marks & Spencer case in the UK, or more recently the Cadbury Schweppes case, after they returned to the national courts

5. Uniquely, identification of those cases that are not being referred to the ECJ: e.g. where national courts considered that the issue was acte claire making it unnecessary to make a reference 

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For the finest in legal analysis of the EU treaties, laws, directives and regulations, you will also want to consult:

From LexisNexis Matthew Bender:

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Guide to International Legal Research chapter on Europe

NEW   Cleary Gottlieb Antitrust Developments in Europe (2008)

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Societas Europaea: The European Company Across Europe

Martindale-Hubbell International Law Digest - European Union Law Digest

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Thompson on Real Property, Chap.106EU, Property Laws in the European Union and Their Impact on Member States

Nichols on Eminent Domain, Vol. 1A, Section 1B.01, Private Property under the European Human Rights Convention

From LexisNexis Butterworths UK:

All England European Cases Set 1995-2008

All England European Cases 2009

Glossary - Scottish and European Union Legal Terms and Latin Phrases - Second Edition

Halsbury's Statutory Instruments EC Legislation Implementator 2009   An easy to use print reference guide to the implementation of EC Directives in England and Wales.    Click here for a Sample Text from EC Implementator 2009; click here for the EC Implementator 2009 Order Form

Click on the company name for more EU Law titles from the LexisNexis France   bookstore (boutique) like these: 

Droit des affaires de l'Union européenne

Code des procèdures juridictionnelles de l'Union européenne

Droit général de l'Union européenne

Nouveau JurisClasseur Europe Textes et jurisprudence

JurisClasseur Europe Traité

Droit européen du travail

Droit institutionnel de l'Union européenne

And keep au courant with the review Europe

From LexisNexis Germany:

Kodex EU-Umweltrecht


Useful Resources from the open web

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