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Legal Business

Getting beyond the myth of the rainmaker

Too many lawyers believe that only "natural rainmakers" can win new clients. This is possibly one of the biggest factors in poor marketing and business development in law firms. Not believing that they can be good at marketing, many lawyers discourage themselves, and sometimes are discouraged even by colleagues and consultants, from trying. Many of these assumptions are based on urban legend and junk science.

In the real world of legal practice, successful marketing is based on a set of skills. Although some people, because of personality or personal interest, acquire these skills more quickly or feel more comfortable exercising them, these skills can be learned and mastered by anyone.

Marketing and sales skills and techniques are important; but some lawyers focus too intently on them, without also considering the overall strategic context in which those skills are to be applied. Selling legal services is not the same thing as selling a car. The values and requirements that the "buyers" bring to the transaction are more complex and, in most instances, fundamentally different.

This is one reason why so many of the generic sales and marketing courses that lawyers take produce disappointing results.

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