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Steve Jobs


I knew the day was coming, and I knew it would come for him sooner than for most of us, it's still a shock to hear of the death of Steve Jobs.

Apple was a love-it-or-hate-it company, and within the technology world there are many who fall into the latter camp. Still, even those most frustrated with some of the things Apple did remained in awe of Jobs himself - his vision, his insistence on visual elegance and stylistic excellence, and his ability to understand what consumers wanted - nay, aspired to - before they recognized it themselves.

For those who don't accept the "great man" theory of history, imagine Apple (or an Apple equivalent) without Steve Jobs. For that matter, imagine the whole microcomputer/high-tech industry without Jobs's vision pushing not only the envelope but his competitors as well.

He died too young, of course. But we can say that about most people.

He'll be missed by a lot of people, including those who don't know who he is. And that can be said of just a few.

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