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Top 2012 Goal: Client Retention
Posted on 21 Oct 2011 by Tom Kane

As 2011 winds down (this year seems to have particularly flown by), it is time to start setting goals for next year. Since approximately 80% of law firm work comes from existing clients (in the form of new work or referrals) or other referral sources... Read More

Most in-house counsel neither manage nor lead others – they do work
Posted on 9 Mar 2010 by Rees W. Morrison

Upwards of 80 percent of all US law departments have fewer than 10 lawyers. Even at the top of the range, assuming at least four or five direct reports to the general counsel, none of the other lawyers manage more than one or two lawyers and maybe they... Read More

In-House Counsel, A Career Coaches View of Knowledge Management: What’s the Connection?
Posted on 17 Mar 2010 by Eugene Weitz

Continuing our special guest blogger series, this week we tackle another issue front and center on in-house counsel minds, how to create and then manage a successful in-house career. As the global economy continues to show signs of improvement, this is... Read More

In-house lawyers admit some resistance to alternative fee arrangements, but blast law firms, perhaps unfairly
Posted on 9 Apr 2010 by Rees W. Morrison

A survey of corporate lawyers conducted by Serengetti asked them to scale their own resistance to alternative fee arrangements (AFA) and their perception of law firm resistance to AFAs. On the scale given, a 1 means "no resistance"; a 3 presumably... Read More

In-house law departments and trust
Posted on 12 Mar 2010 by Jim Hassett

When I published the results of our national survey of alternative fees, one of the most discouraging sections concerned the lack of trust between in-house law departments and the firms that serve them. Although the interviews were focused on alternative... Read More

What every lawyer needs to know about project management, Part 1 of 5
Posted on 24 Mar 2010 by Jim Hassett

This five-part series is an expanded version of an article I published last week on entitled "Teaching Lawyers How to Manage: Can It Improve the Bottom Line?" When I interviewed AmLaw 100 chairmen, senior partners and C... Read More

The In-House Counsel as IT to Legalese to Business Translator - Document Management v. Records Management
Posted on 2 Mar 2010 by Eugene Weitz

This week, In the House is introducing a new feature, special guest bloggers. Going forward, Special Guest Bloggers will share their own insight into the practice of law in-house and, in particular, the impact of technology on Law Department Knowledge... Read More

Social Web ‘consumption, familiarity and use’ by in-house lawyers: survey released
Posted on 25 May 2010 by Jayne Navarre

As a marketer I rarely, if ever, try to "convince" a law firm or lawyer that social media and networking is something they MUST do. When I speak to groups of lawyers [or marketers] on the topic, I am careful to craft my speeches in a way that... Read More