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What are Your Firm's Plans for 2014? Be Sure You are Part of Them

Where do you want your law firm to be in January 2014?

Even though January 2014 is still more than 14 months away,  your firm should already have a reasonably clear idea of the specific, measurable, and realistic business achievements that you want to be celebrating in January 2014.

For firms that operate on a calendar year basis, November should be the month when you finalize - not begin to think about - your business plan for 2013.  A good business plan not only describes what you want to achieve, but also how you are going to do it and who is going to be responsible for making it happen. It is more than just a budget on a single spreadsheet.

Disregard those who say that it is impossible for law firms to plan during uncertain times.  To the contrary, it is imperative.

Remember that, as a group, law firms that have written business plans - even mediocre ones - perform better than do those who do not have any plan at all.

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