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Why You Should Embrace Change


The professional world changes constantly.  And law firms, in particular, are fluid places.  Every year, a new class of attorneys is ushered in.  New partners are made, senior partners retire, partners and associates alike transition in and out.  Instead of fighting this, instead of resisting change, we should embrace it.  

Here are three reasons why:  

1. With Change Comes Opportunity  

When things are static, they are comfortable, sure.  But your place is set.  Anytime there is a shift, however, a door opens. If you are open to it, this shift might just be the opportunity you were looking for - an opportunity to connect with a new colleague, pitch a new client, get involved in a new case or committee, or be made partner, as the case may be.         

2. Change Offers Perspective  

I have found that it is difficult to generate a new perspective on our own.  Without the impetus, we tend to remain in agreement with ourselves, for lack of a better way to put it.  When things around us change, we are afforded a new perspective.  A new way to view the same thing.  This can be helpful in shedding light or ascribing meaning to what might otherwise have caused us stress, struggle, or turmoil.  It is useful in guiding us as to our next step, as well.     

3. When Things Remain The Same  

There is value in the unknown.  There is value in the unexpected.  When things remain the same, we miss out on the adventure.      

Desiree Moore is the President and founder of Greenhorn Legal, LLC. Greenhorn Legal offers intensive practical skills training programs for law students and new lawyers as they transition from law school into their legal practices.  Ms. Moore is also an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and was an associate at the law firm of K&L Gates. She can be found on Twitter at @greenhornlegal.