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Lexis® Hub

Copyright Workflow

      1)       Research Copyright Registrations
a.       U.S. Copyright Registrations
2)       Copyright Authoritative Analysis
a.       Matthew Bender Publications
b.       Martindale-Hubbell® Copyright Law Digest
c.       Law Journal Press Publications
d.       Practicing Law Institute Publications
e.       Rabkin & Johnson’s Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis
3)       Identify and Retain Outside Counsel
a.       Martindale-Hubbell
4)       Copyright Litigation
a.       Case Law
b.       Matthew Bender Publications
c.       Mealey’s Publications and Conferences
5)       Manage Work Process
a.       LexisNexis® Courtlink®
b.       Trademark & Copyright Research Tasks Page
c.       HotDocs®
d.       Shepard’s®
e.       LexisNexis® Applied Discovery
      6)   Currentness Monitoring
a.       LexisNexis® Alert
b.       Matthew Bender Copyright Law Expert Commentaries
c.       BNA® Patent, Trademark & Copyright Daily
d.       Mealey’s Publications