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Lexis® Hub

Trademark Workflow

1)       Research Trademark Registrations
a.       U.S. Federal and State Trademarks
b.       International Trademarks
2)       Trademark Authoritative Analysis
a.       Matthew Bender Publications
b.       Law Journal Press Publications
c.       Rabkin & Johnson’s Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis
3)       Identify and Retain Outside Counsel
a.       Martindale-Hubbell
4)       Trademark Litigation Case Law
a.       Matthew Bender Publications
b.       Mealey’s Publications and Conferences
5)       Manage Work Process
a.       LexisNexis® Courtlink®
b.       Trademark & Copyright Research Tasks Page
c.       HotDocs®
d.       Shepard’s®
e.       LexisNexis® Applied Discovery
6)       Trademark Monitoring
a.       MarkMonitor® IP Tools
b.       LexisNexis® Alert 
7)       Currentness Monitoring
a.       LexisNexis® Alert
b.       Matthew Bender Trademark Law Expert Commentaries
c.       BNA® Patent, Trademark & Copyright Daily
d.       Mealey’s Publications