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Preview of "Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times"

Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times is Insightful, focused and addresses the challenges facing law firms in the current economic climate.  This book is a must for law firms of all sizes.  As firms struggle to stay alive, you might ask who has time to sit down and analyze a firm's goals and develop a strategy.  Ed Poll makes that important task easier by asking the right questions and offering the right guidance that will lead you to the right answers for your firm.

 Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times helps focus on a plan for those challenges and concerns we face almost daily, but don't necessarily have the time to prioritize and strategize.   Help your firm focus on these and other important goals and measures:

  • What kind of practice do you want to be?
  • Strategy: "whys" and "hows" of the planning process.
  • Business Development techniques.
  • Technology overhead.
  • Staffing, pricing, collecting, and cash flow-- the measure of the health of your practice.

Ed closes with these wise words: "Good luck is the intersection of preparedness and opportunity."  The book provides a step-by-step guide to refining the preparation and groundwork a firm should consider when developing its strategic plan.  These steps pave the way for a firm to find and seize the opportunities that can lead to a successful practice.

For more information, follow this link: LawBiz.com