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    • 1 Dec 2012

    If you sometimes use Boolean search queries for your research, check out these tips for effectively using terms and connectors on Lexis Advance

    You probably know that you can use either Boolean or Natural Language search queries on Lexis Advance. Simply type your query into the red search box and Lexis Advance will execute a Boolean search if the query includes a recognized connector and a Natural Language search if the query does not include a recognized connector. To ensure you retrieve the expected search results, here are some important things to know...
    • 12 Nov 2012

    New Additions/Enhancements for Tax Professionals and Updates to the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary

    Recently released on Lexis is the CCH source CCH 2007 through Current Tax Acts: Law, Explanation & Analysis, which will be updated whenever new major federal tax legislation is enacted. Also, Aspen's Almanac of the Federal Judiciary has been enhanced with judges' photos, where available, along with PDFs to the judges' Financial Disclosure Reports. Additionally, three components of the CCH Government Contract...
    • 2 Nov 2012

    Join Us for a: CLE Webinar—The 2013 Traffic Jam: The Intersection of Social Media, Privacy Laws and the Insurance Industry

    Hear from featured panelist Ronald Raether of Faruki on social media's influence for insurance privacy laws and regulatory changes during this complimentary CLE Webinar!* The world's most popular social media site, Facebook®, reported recently that it now has over one billion users worldwide. With social media pervading most aspects of society and business, are you up to date on the changes that it brings...
    • 19 Oct 2012

    Digital Libraries With Amazing New Capabilities – available now through LexisNexis!

    LexisNexis has joined forces with OverDrive®, the library solutions provider, whose large, diverse catalog of eBook titles will complement the LexisNexis collection of electronic legal titles. As a LexisNexis Digital Library customer, you will also have access to and be able to purchase more than 700,000 other titles-business and technology to travel and language learning-via the OverDrive Content Reserve collection...
    • 9 Oct 2012

    Topic Summaries on Lexis Advance

    Topic Summaries on Lexis Advance provide valuable information about the legal topics addressed in the documents you view, helping you get up to speed in a hurry ! Here's what you need to know: 1) Topic Summary Reports are FREE to access! They can be found in the cases and secondary source documents you're already viewing - look for View Reports link under About this Document. Sometimes there will be more...
    • 2 Oct 2012

    Lexis Advance Research: Legal Issue Trail

    Have you ever found a key passage in a case discussing your research issue and wished you could just jump quickly to a list of other case opinions citing that passage? If so, you should be using Legal Issue Trail , a newly patented technology found exclusively on Lexis Advance. Put simply, the Legal Issue Trail lists cases that cite to the opinion you are viewing on a particular issue - as well as cases your opinion...
    • 27 Sep 2012

    Federal Historical Document Collection

    LexisNexis offers a combination of content, coverage, search functionality and high quality PDF delivery that is unequaled in the legal market for historical federal legislative and regulatory materials. The Federal Historical Documents Collection content, when used in combination with the broad spectrum of other historical content available on LexisNexis' services, provides a robust content offering to meet the needs...
    • 18 Sep 2012

    Keeping Current on Ever Changing Legislation

    Keeping up to date on constantly changing and evolving state legislation can be tricky! Fortunately, there are a variety of resources and tools at lexis.com® to make the process less complicated . Statutory Research The starting point for updating most legislation is to pull up the statutory section. Whether you retrieve a section via Get a Document by the citation, by clicking a link from the table of contents...
    • 24 Aug 2012

    International Law Sources Just Released!

    Over the past year, a number of new international law sources have been released, increasing the depth and breadth of the international offerings on LexisNexis® products! The resources below highlight some of the more popular sources and recent additions to the global legal materials. International Arbitration Resources One particularly notable area of law which has expanded source offerings is International Arbitration...
    • 5 Jul 2012

    LexisNexis Announcing the release of ALM/Law Journal Press treatises bringing the total number of available ALM treatises to 119

    Going Private Going Private offers pointers on structuring the transaction, preparing the proxy statement and Schedule 13E-3, and defining the roles of the board of directors and committees, independent directors, attorneys, and financial advisors. In addition, it analyzes the entire fairness rule and shifting the burden of proof, state anti-takeover legislation, leveraged buyouts, fairness opinions, squeeze-outs,...
    • 27 Jun 2012

    Free Discovery Services Webinar Series Shows How To Reduce Cost, Complexity Of Managing Discovery

    Make the most of learning opportunities. Product knowledge is only a few clicks away. Register and attend a Discovery Webinar as one of the first 50 for your complimentary specialty coffee card.* | View online > Share this message | Learn to reduce the cost and complexity of managing discovery...
    • 21 Jun 2012

    How to Market Your Law Practice Like Lady Gaga

    Surprisingly, the marketing of pop music translates very nicely into marketing for lawyers. Lady Gaga grossed $90 million in 2011, according to Forbes, so she clearly knows how to reach her audience of buyers. Does this mean you have to wear see-through bubbles to grow your practice? Will you need to wear 11-inch heels? Will you need to shoot sparks from your chest? Probably not..... But you will have to start marketing...
    • 18 May 2012

    LexisNexis eBooks: Download a Free Sample

    Access the legal content you trust most whenever you need it, without being tethered to your office or the Internet with LexisNexis® eBooks. LexisNexis eBooks give you yet another option to research legal issues your way. Our collection of eBook titles provides anytime, anywhere access to hundreds of authoritative titles from Matthew Bender®, Michie TM , Mealey's TM and others. Once downloaded you...
    • 20 Mar 2012

    Professional Contacts: It's ALL about Who You Know (and Where to Find Them) NEW Professional Contacts Source on Lexis.com

    Want to find personal and professional information on key business contacts? Then check out our new Professional Contacts source on lexis.com. Professional Contacts is an aggregate of the most complete, current and accurate contacts gathered from a variety of sources and compiled by Dun and Bradstreet. The records undergo an enhanced contact data quality assurance process to remove out-of-business listings and to categorize...
    • 5 Mar 2012

    LexisNexis Voted BEST LEGAL RESEARCH PROVIDER by the National Law Journal, Legal Times

    Did you know that LexisNexis® was voted BEST LEGAL RESEARCH PROVIDER by the National Law Journal and Legal Times? Recently, at the first annual Best of Legal Times Reader's Rankings, LexisNexis® was ranked top provider in 7 different categories! Reader's cast their votes to decide which legal vendors are the "best of the best in D.C." Over 3,000 respondents casted their vote for LexisNexis®...
    • 10 Jan 2012

    25 Tips for the New Lawyer

    How many times have you thought to yourself or heard a law school classmate complain that law school did not really prepare students for the actual practice of law? Attorney at Work has compiled a guide aimed at easing the transition a bit, "25 Tips for the New Lawyer." This valuable guide provides practical advice for new attorneys. To read this complete guide, follow this link to Attorney at Work.
    • 30 Nov 2011

    Lexis Advance: The Legal Research Tool You've been Searching For is Here!

    Driving better outcomes for you and your clients with Lexis Advance, the next generation in online legal research tools. Lexis Advance has been designed specifically for you, with you, to help transform the way you conduct online legal research. Now get the right results faster and easier with our new intuitive single search interface. It enables a full search across all included content ensuring you have a comprehensive...
    • 30 Nov 2011

    Lexis Advance: My Workspace

    Lexis Advance offers a new way to efficiently manage your results. Being able to efficiently manage your legal research and do multiple tasks associated with your research is vital in your busy day. With My Workspace you can access, organize and manage your legal research all in one place through a visual and intuitive carousel interface. My Workspace stores your search history, recent and favorite filters, work folders...
    • 30 Nov 2011

    Lexis Advance: Legal Issue Trail

    With Legal Issue Trail you can be confident you have you have the critical information to your case strategy or issue. It is a whole new way of providing you with a comprehensive view of the universe of case law. Today when you search for a case, your results are only as good as the search query you run. With Legal Issue Trail , when you find a relevant case of interest and drill down to a particular legal issue you...
    • 19 Nov 2011

    LexisNexis and Manzama Forge Alliance Agreement

    LexisNexis practice area communities and Manzama business and marketing intelligence have formed an alliance agreement. Starting in early 2012, the communities will be able to provide users with access to analytical reports based on social media content. "LexisNexis looks for new ways to bring our customers actionable insights and help them get the information they need about key industry developments to make...
    • 25 Oct 2011

    Unlimited Mobility from Trusted Resources—Expand Your Legal Library with LexisNexis® eBooks

    You're relied upon to be well prepared-always ready to provide quality information at a moment's notice-and now is the time to consider adding eBooks to your collection of go-to legal resources. With hundreds of LexisNexis® eBooks available, building a virtual legal library is simple, allowing you to access trusted content wherever the law takes you.* Try a LexisNexis eBook today! Download a sample title...
    • 30 Sep 2011

    Judicial Profiles from LexisNexis

    Find judicial background information on LexisNexis and gain a strategic edge in the courtroom Why is Judicial Research so crucial to a litigation team? Research on a judge can reveal potentially important and insightful information that a litigator can use to gain a competitive advantage in the courtroom. Getting a sense for a judge's personality, preference, and background gives attorneys the opportunity to...
    • 27 Sep 2011

    Starting Your Research with LexisNexis

    Search by topic to quickly find relevant secondary sources. Follow this link to view this short (4 minute) video and improve your research efficiency. http://www.youtube.com/user/LexisNexisLawSchools?feature=mhsn#p/u/3/opmkqkdCq9s
    • 27 Sep 2011

    Shepardizing Your Research

    Be sure your research is "good law" with Shepard's. This short (7 minute) video explains how to Shepardize and what the signals mean. Solidify your research with Shepard's. Follow this link to view: http://www.youtube.com/user/LexisNexisLawSchools?feature=mhsn#p/u/1/i9x9o2kiZa0