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Digital Libraries With Amazing New Capabilities – available now through LexisNexis!

LexisNexis has joined forces with OverDrive®, the library solutions provider, whose large, diverse catalog of eBook titles will complement the LexisNexis collection of electronic legal titles.

As a LexisNexis Digital Library customer, you will also have access to and be able to purchase more than 700,000 other titles-business and technology to travel and language learning-via the OverDrive Content Reserve collection portal. And because the new LexisNexis Digital Library is publisher agnostic, you can also add titles from other publishers available via OverDrive and centrally manage them-eliminating the inefficiency of using multiple platforms or sites to manage an entire collection.

Instead of individually purchasing and managing eBook titles, you get a website that is customized for your organization. Via your site, the librarian or designated administrator can order titles, supervise lending and generate detailed reports that enhance your understanding of usage patterns, and facilitate more informed digital content decisions.

Your team members can access, check out and return titles via the primary website, a mobile-optimized version of the site, or a downloadable mobile app. Plus you'll be able to better understand how your library is being used with one-click reporting on title usage by practice area, date range and more. A digital library provides eBook lending capabilities, much like lending a physical book, in addition to library management functionality.


See how LexisNexis Digital Library can unlock mobile access and increase research productivity-while helping you save subscription costs and manage title usage:

Digitize library operations

  • o Gain 24/7 access to trusted legal resources from your preferred device: personal computers, both PC and Mac®; smartphones like Apple®iPhone® and BlackBerry®; tablets like the Apple® iPad®; dedicated e-reading devices such as the Amazon® Kindle®, Barnes & Noble NOOK® and the SONY® Reader
  • o Simplify buying, updating and distributing desk books
  • o Manage subscriptions effectively with one-touch updates on title usage and borrowing activity by subject matter, date range, and more
  • o Allow for easy interoffice resource sharing

Realize cost savings

  • o Reduce rising overhead costs by migrating to digital library management tools
  • o Use comprehensive usage reports to eliminate title duplication andquantify savings for firm management

How does it work?

OverDrive builds your organization's digital library and hosts your site, while LexisNexis provides the trusted legal research you rely on with more than 1,200 titles now available in eBook format.

You will receive a customized primary website, as well as a mobile optimized site and access to a mobile app. These tools are created by OverDrive and allow you to browse, checkout and download materials. Usage reports enable librarians to better understand eBook usage within the organization and better manage the organization's migration to digital content. Law library users benefit from increased flexibility to research whenever and wherever they want since the LexisNexis Digital Library is available anywhere there is Internet access.

Want more information?  Kindly contact your LexisNexis Representative today!  Happy Researching!