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Find judicial background information on LexisNexis and gain a strategic edge in the courtroom

Why is Judicial Research so crucial to a litigation team?

Research on a judge can reveal potentially important and insightful information that a litigator can use to gain a competitive advantage in the courtroom.   Getting a sense for a judge's personality, preference, and background gives attorneys the opportunity to present material in a way that is the most impactful.   ALM Judicial profiles are one source that can be used to provide this level of insight.  They can reveal intelligence on a judge's preference, experience, expectations, affiliations, as well as interests or even conflicts of interest that attorneys should know about before they appear before the judge.

 How can I access Judicial Profiles?

The source name is: Judicial Profiles (ALM) and the file name is ALMJDG

In addition to locating the source through Find a Source, it has been pathed to the following locations:

1.       Legal>Secondary Legal>ALM>Judicial Profiles

2.       Legal>Reference>Law>Area of Law - By Topic/Federal Practice/Access Directories

3.       Legal>Reference>Law> Area of Law - By Topic/Litigation Practice & Procedure/Access Directories

What kind of information is available in Judicial Profiles? 

Most profiles include general background information, which may include prior experience, education, age, political affiliation, memberships, and staff, along with other details. The additional details may be gleaned from interviews with the judges and may include information such as rules and procedures as well as personal information about the judge, such as his or her likes and dislikes. 

How can I see a sample profile, or get more information on Judicial Profiles?

 Contact your LexisNexis Representative today.....Happy Profiling!

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