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Topic Summaries on Lexis Advance

Topic Summaries on Lexis Advance provide valuable information about the legal topics addressed in the documents you view, helping you get up to speed in a hurry!

 Here's what you need to know:  

  • 1) Topic Summary Reports are FREE to access! They can be found in the cases and secondary source documents you're already viewing - look for View Reports link under About this Document. Sometimes there will be more than one Topic Summary report for a case, sometimes none. There are over 4,000 Topic Summary Reports. Given extremely positive user feedback, more Topic Summary Reports are being added on an ongoing basis. 


  • 2) Topic Summaries supply key, baseline information about a legal topic, including its definition, elements, links to the seminal cases, codes and secondary sources further analyzing the issue, and the applicable burden of proof and standard of review. (Regular document access charges apply if you decide to follow a link.)


  • 3) Topic Summaries cover FEDERAL law on the topic, with easy links to similar summaries of applicable STATE LAW. They can be saved to a work folder, emailed, downloaded or printed for FREE.

Want to see for yourself?   Take a look at the attached Topic Summary Report to see just how useful this free resource could be in your legal research.  

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