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Choosing the Right Search Term

Do you sometimes wonder whether you have included all the right terms in your search?   

 Have more confidence in your search results with the help of the Legal Phrase Equivalents feature on Lexis Advance.   Using the LexisNexis legal phrase dictionary, this feature automatically searches for equivalent terms for the legal phrases you've typed into the search box. 

 For example, if you use res judicata as a search term, this feature will ensure you retrieve documents mentioning issue preclusion.   Or maybe you have included gender discrimination in your search query.   Would you also be interested in documents referring to that issue as sex discrimination?

 Lexis Advance's Legal Phrase Equivalents feature lets you be confident that you're finding all the relevant results,  even in practice areas you may not be very familiar with.   

 To turn on the Legal Phrase Equivalents feature, click on Settings in the Global Navigation Bar, then Preferences.  Check the box to include legal phrase equivalents with your search.  Then click Apply All Settings.  

Have questions about how to maximize your research experience with Lexis Advance?   Kindly contact your local LexisNexis Representative - Happy Researching!http://www.advance.lexis.com/