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Best Law Schools According to Recruiters
Posted on 7 Mar 2011 by David Limm

Law firm recruiters favor Harvard Law grads over all other law school grads-even Yale-at least when making intuitive judgments based on the sole criterion of an institution's academic reputation. U.S. News has for the first time released a ranking... Read More

New Vault.com Tool Allows Law Students to Learn about Top Law Schools when Narrowing Choices
Posted on 4 May 2011 by Vault.com

New York, NY, (May 3, 2011) Vault.com, the source for university ratings, rankings and reconnaissance, has unveiled two new and valuable services - Vault Honors Academy and My Admission Priorities (M.A.P) - to support students as they make among the most... Read More

Legal Careers Changed for Good, not Better
Posted on 19 Jan 2011 by Holly Ragan

Students who receive jobs and actually begin work are still not safe. In the past, large firms saw high rates of attrition as young associates decided the high salary was not worth the long hours, but as hiring froze, no lawyers voluntarily left firms... Read More

Look Before you Leap into Law School
Posted on 22 Jun 2011 by Yihwan Kim

Why Undergraduates Blindly Follow the Law School Dream For many undergraduates, law school represents the path to an ideal future. Some tout noble social justice causes as their reason for applying to law school while others seek a comfortable lifestyle... Read More

Design Your Law School Schedule to Better Prepare Yourself for Practice
Posted on 5 Aug 2012 by Lexis Hub Staff

Recently the Lexis Hub posted this article about ways some law schools are changing the curriculum to adapt to demands of the legal industry. If you are attending one of the schools that is building practical legal skills into the course offerings, be... Read More

Law School Class Size Reductions
Posted on 4 Mar 2011 by Mary Kate Sheridan

If you stop building it, they'll stop coming. The legal field is more like a nightmarish children-of-the-corn field at the moment, not a field of dreams. So take a cue from two New York law schools that are decreasing their incoming class sizes rather... Read More

Law Schools Struggle to Prepare Students Professionally
Posted on 17 Jan 2011 by David Limm

Chances are, law students who interact with faculty will be better prepared for professional life, says a new survey on student engagement. The problem is that the professors aren't availing themselves to students as much as they should be. From... Read More

Considerations for Prospective Law School Applicants
Posted on 19 Jun 2011 by Building a Better Legal Profession

More than a year before their desired enrollment date, many prospective law students begin preparing for the admissions process. Various factors drive an applicant's initial decision to apply, including hopes for a steady job, the desire for respect... Read More

Betting on Law School Becomes a Risky Play
Posted on 4 Jun 2011 by Building a Better Legal Profession

A recent New York Times article brings readers into the life of Michael Wallerstein, a Thomas Jefferson Law School graduate with $250,000 in debt. Now, he can only find an occasional job as a legal temp, earning as little as $10 an hour with no benefits... Read More

Too Many Law Schools, Not Enough Law Jobs
Posted on 3 Dec 2010 by Holly Ragan

Though there are fewer jobs for attorneys and still fewer jobs that pay well, law school is more popular than ever as a career choice. Many choose to matriculate based on their love of Law and Order , because their parents told them they should attend... Read More

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Greater Implications of a Conformist, Competitive Law School Culture
Posted on 30 Jun 2011 by Yihwan Kim

Law school is hardly a happy place. Spending long hours holed up in your room memorizing case law and preparing for notoriously difficult exams while living in constant fear of being humiliated by your professors doesn't exactly make for an enjoyable... Read More

One Step in the Right Direction for Law Schools
Posted on 18 Jun 2011 by Yihwan Kim

For years, law school graduates lamented the skewed economics of the legal profession. As new law schools opened their doors at a breakneck pace and existing schools increased their class sizes with abandon, the supply of fresh JDs far outpaced the demand... Read More

Law School Applications Decrease Dramatically this Year
Posted on 17 Mar 2011 by Lori Sieron

We had our first hints in January that Law School was no longer the place of choice to "hang out" while the recession runs its course, as noted in this post: Fewer People Applying to, Riding out Recession in Law School . The Wall Street Journal... Read More

Michigan Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Accusing Law School Of Giving False Statistics
Posted on 24 Jul 2012 by Mealey's Daily News Staff

A Michigan federal judge on July 20 dismissed a class complaint accusing Thomas M. Cooley Law School of misrepresenting its graduates' employment statistics to entice new students to enroll and then saddling them with tens of thousands of dollars... Read More

Hidden Culprit Behind Law School Tuition Rates
Posted on 5 Sep 2011 by Yihwan Kim

It's easy to pick on law schools for imposing exorbitant tuition fees and driving its students into a lifetime of non-dischargeable debt. Law schools pay their professors cushy salaries, fill their lecture halls with obscenely expensive chairs, and... Read More