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Still Looking for the Right Law Job? The SMART Way to Start Your Solo Practice
Posted on 24 Aug 2012 by Ed Poll

This has been a year of bad news for law school graduates looking to follow the traditional path of joining a mid-size or large firm. For example, the Wall Street Journal reported, based on its own assessment of law school graduation data from nearly... Read More

Is Starting Your Own Law Practice the Answer for Law Grads Still Looking for Work?
Posted on 28 Jun 2012 by David Behrend

For years after her law school graduation, my attorney worked with large and mid-size firms in New York City and Philadelphia. Finally, she recognized for various reasons the desire to leave "Big Law" and go off on her own. At the same time... Read More

If You Go Solo, Go Niche
Posted on 10 Sep 2012 by Chelsea Callanan

Having a clear niche allows you to target your audience Why Selecting a Niche Practice Over a General Practice is a Favorable Option for a New (or Any Solo) Attorney If you, too, are thinking of going solo and hanging your own shingle, a foundational... Read More

Why You MUST Have a Website
Posted on 20 Dec 2012 by Alison Monahan

Okay, if you're a solo practitioner, or really any kind of hire-able lawyer who doesn't currently have at least a basic website - please, I beg you, GET ONE. How in the world am I supposed to refer you business otherwise? Do you seriously think... Read More

Lexis® Hub for New Attorneys Podcast: Anthony Butler on Starting a Solo Law Practice
Posted on 15 Sep 2011 by Lexis Hub Staff

Anthony I. Butler of Butler & Associates in Baltimore discusses starting a solo practice - what's needed, how to market the practice and gain clients, and steps to take to formalize an attorney-client relationship. He also talks about various... Read More

Learning the Three Dimensions of the Business of Law
Posted on 7 Jul 2010 by Lexis Hub Staff

With all of the attention on law firm layoffs and the reduced number of jobs for recent law graduates , many new attorneys may be considering setting up a solo practice. After spending 3+ years in law school, new grads still may not feel prepared for... Read More

Prototype for Law Firm Innovation
Posted on 9 Jul 2010 by Donna Seyle

Back in 2000, when Axiom Law Founder Mark Harris decided that big law's hourly billings were excessive, he may have been the only lawyer who cared. The party for big law had been going on for some time now, each year bringing higher fees that clients... Read More