LexisNexis Releases Early Data Analyzer To Streamline E-Discovery Document Processing

New tool allows litigation teams to save time and money through efficient early data assessment and streamlined processing of electronic documents

NEW YORK - LexisNexis (, a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, has announced the release of LexisNexis® Early Data Analyzer - an innovation in electronic discovery software that enables litigation professionals to more efficiently conduct early data assessment and significantly streamline processing of electronic documents.

The new LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer tool was specifically developed for the beginning of the collection phase in the e-discovery process. It enables litigation teams to quickly capture an entire document set, assess the contents, and then eliminate irrelevant, duplicate and non-responsive documents prior to the more costly and time-consuming review and processing phases of e-discovery.

"The launch of Early Data Analyzer is another major step forward in the LexisNexis strategy of providing robust litigation workflow products to clients, and it has been built in daily collaboration with our customers over the past year," said Deborah Jillson, vice president of Litigation Tools, Services & Hosting at LexisNexis. "We've received feedback from the initial users that it saves time and increases efficiency, keeping their e-discovery costs in proportion to the size of the case. Equally as important, this offering allows litigators to feel confident they have the most relevant electronic documents of the case without having to manually wade through thousands of irrelevant or redundant files."

LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer works right where the original data resides - on a network or external drive - and allows for defensible collection. It filters content to help litigation professionals select only the most relevant documents for their data sets. Since LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer filters, indexes, searches, culls and pre-processes data in its source location, users benefit from impressively fast processing speeds.

LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer is available now, both as a standalone product and as a fully integrated module within LexisNexis® LAW PreDiscoveryTM, allowing users to provide even more efficient, effective discovery. LAW PreDiscovery is a software application from LexisNexis that gives litigation teams greater control over the massive amounts of discovery related to a case by integrating paper imaging and electronic discovery into one unified process.

"By using Early Data Analyzer with LAW PreDiscovery, litigation teams are able to reduce the volume of data by up to 80 percent right where it lives, helping them speed up e-discovery processing and realize substantial cost savings," said Jillson. "Once they finish pre-processing with Early Data Analyzer, they can easily load the smaller data set into LAW PreDiscovery for native and full-text extraction. Based on our empirical testing of the integrated platform, we believe that our clients will be amazed at the speed of data processing they can achieve and the fast return on investment they will realize."

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