John Watkins On Assistance Insurance Coverage Lawyers Can Provide To Other Attorneys

 By John L. Watkins, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

As an insurance coverage lawyer, I am often asked to assist other lawyers in dealing with insurance issues that affect their clients. Insurance coverage is not intuitive. In many instances, counsel may not realize that a claim or dispute is covered, or potentially covered, by insurance. When potential coverage is identified, generalists or persons who practice in other areas may believe they can handle the coverage issues because, after all, an insurance policy is just a contract.

Although an insurance policy is just a contract, it is a very specialized form of contract with a very specialized body of law applicable to the contract. Perhaps equally importantly, knowing how to approach an insurance company can be just as important as analyzing the legal issues. The following paragraphs will briefly discuss some of the ways in which a coverage lawyer can assist other lawyers in helping their clients.

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