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Possible Copyright Troll Filing Lawsuit Over Illegally Downloaded Pornographic Films

Patrick Collins, Inc. has filed a number of Doe suits for copyright infringement of its pornographic films by illegal download. Patrick Collins Inc. is reported to be known as Elegant Angel Productions and was allegedly involved in the copyright troll activities of Digiprotect. As discussed by The Fail Zone:

In this case, [Digiprotect] appears to have taken on a Righthaven-like strategy, rather than a US Copyright Group strategy. That is, it actually "purchased" the copyrights, in some form or another, in order to sue, rather than just acting as the lawyers for a copyright holder. In this case, the actual content was produced by a California porn studio, Patrick Collins, Inc., better known as Elegant Angel Productions.

In filing suit, Patrick Collins, Inc. has attempted to join many John Does - a possible settlement strategy. However, the courts have severed many of the Doe parties or have required re-filing. For instance, in the Northern District of West Virginia, the judge ordered Patrick Collins, Inc. to re-file its action against each defendant individually. However, see Patrick Collins Inc. v. Does 1-1219, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 138306 (N.D. Cal. Dec. 28, 2010), where the court stated:

Plaintiff has demonstrated that: (1) the Doe Defendants are real people who may be sued in federal court; (2) it has unsuccessfully attempted to identify the Doe Defendants prior to filing this Application; (3) its infringement claim against the Doe Defendants could survive a motion to dismiss; and (4) there is a reasonable likelihood that service of the proposed subpoenas on the ISPs will lead to information identifying the Doe Defendants.

View the amended complaint filed in Patrick Collins, Inc v. Does 1-1219,10cv4468 (N.D. Ca. 11/29/2010)

Patrick Collins Inc. has filed what appear to be similar lawsuits in several states, including Florida, West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia, California and New York. A recent CourtLink search retrieved 59 cases involving Patrick Collins, Inc. v. Does.

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