Fish & Richardson Attorney Receives California Lawyer Attorneys Of The Year Award

SAN DIEGO — John Gartman, a principal in the San Diego office of Fish & Richardson, one of the world’s leading intellectual property and business litigation law firms, has received the California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year Award.

The award recognizes lawyers throughout the state whose legal work made a profound impact in 2009.

Gartman was selected for his representation of Microsoft in that company’s epic digital compression litigation with Alcatel-Lucent, which lasted seven years and included seven separate cases, with Gartman as lead counsel in all cases.

One of the most stunning turn of events in the long-fought litigation was Gartman’s ability to convince a trial court to overturn a $1.53 billion damages verdict that a jury had delivered against Microsoft in one of the first cases tried. That was then followed by two jury trial victories where Alcatel-Lucent sought equally monstrous verdicts on patents that it claimed covered virtually all digital video recordings, DVDs and Blu-Ray video disks.

The Microsoft lawsuit involved patent infringement over various file-sharing and Internet technologies. By 2009, all seven cases were resolved, vindicating Microsoft's and any other company's use of digital-compression patents over the Internet, in audio and video devices (such as MP3s, DVDs and Blu-ray), and in other key technologies.

California Lawyer Magazine selected 44 attorneys from all areas of the legal practice.

Gartman’s national trial practice focuses on high technology litigation. He has deep experience in telecommunications, semiconductors, software and sports equipment.

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