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The Gibson Law Firm Launches 'BP Claims Service' To Help Oil Spill Victims

HOUSTON - Attorney Jason Gibson believes the tens of thousands of Gulf Coast business and property owners adversely affected by the historic Deepwater Horizon oil spill should fully understand their legal options.

Gibson, whose law firm on July 13 introduced the BP Claims Service to advise clients making direct claims against BP, said his firm is providing free initial consultations and legal advice on a reduced, contingency fee basis for claimants who hope to expedite the resolution of their claims and avoid litigation.

"Our primary goal," Gibson said, "is to provide cost-effective legal advice to people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas whose businesses and property have been damaged by the spill. These clients, some of whom are wary of the claims process, want us to analyze and continuously monitor their damage claims from beginning to end."

Gibson, who has experience handling thousands of similar claims and lawsuits, said the law firm is prepared to submit thousands of claims directly to BP for payment. He said those affected by the spill include: fishing, shrimping and oyster companies and employees; hospitality and tourism businesses and employees; property and boat owners; shipping and trade business and employees; vacationers who lost deposits and expenses; cruise ship employees; charter services; and restaurant owners and employees.

"We will immediately investigate our clients' claims, gather all of their documentation, and submit the claims directly to BP for payment," Gibson said. "We will aggressively pursue the claims with BP and follow up until the claims are paid or rejected. If BP refuses to pay the claims or does not pay enough, our clients will still have the right to reassess their legal options and file lawsuits, if necessary, to seek recovery of their damages."

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