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More Than 1 Million Cases With Verdict & Settlement Analysis Now Available From LexisNexis

What is the LexisNexis Verdict & Settlement Offering? 

The LexisNexis Verdict & Settlement Offering is  the combination of the largest, most comprehensive collection of verdict content COMBINED with a powerful new tool, Verdict & Settlement Analyzer, which helps you more easily and efficiently search, analyze, and interpret the content.

The LexisNexis collection of verdict & settlement content is the largest collection (more than 1,000,000 cases) of verdict & settlement information available anywhere.  It includes access to exclusive case details, such as from ALM and IDEX.  Our content collection can be used for many aspects of early case assessment, including evaluating case worth and sizing potential damages, assessing an opponent's track record, and evaluating or finding an expert witness. 

What is Verdict & Settlement Analyzer?  

Utilizing the largest, most comprehensive collection of jury verdicts and settlements available online, VSA is a tool that helps you research and evaluate the level of risk or opportunity associated with a case during early case assessment.  It is powered through an easy-to-use interface that provides much more than just a cite list of results, but helps reveal meaningful trends and information through interactive charts and graphs.  

What will a Verdict & Settlement report contain? 

A verdict report is the accounting of those facts usually in a fielded report or in news story form.  Verdict reports are often information-rich with contents deemed necessary in the case assessment process.  Often, they include the following information:               

  • Ø Injury type (as specific and detailed as possible)
  • Ø Damages (and allocation of damages)
  • Ø Expert witnesses and related information (subject of testimony, background, etc.)
  • Ø Jurisdiction
  • Ø Judge
  • Ø Attorneys  

What will a Verdict & Settlement report allow me to do? 

  • Ø Determine what a case is worth and size potential damages
  • Ø Assess opposing counsel's settlement/success record
  • Ø Find or evaluate an expert and determine potential plaintiff or defense tendencies or biases
  • Ø Track companies/industries at risk
  • Ø Evaluate the success of law firms and lawyers
  • Ø Discern jurisdictional jury verdict award patterns 

How can I access Verdict & Settlement Analyzer? 

How Can I Find out More Information about the LexisNexis Verdict & Settlement Collection? 

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