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Abbey Spanier LLP: 7th Circuit Clarifies Class Action Certification And Commonality, Distinguishing Dukes
Posted on 16 Mar 2012 by Abbey Spanier

By Joshua Druckerman Imagine, for a moment, that a company told its employees that they could not record overtime hours, even if they were eligible for overtime compensation. Not exactly the nicest thing to do, right? Now imagine this company also... Read More

Abbey Spanier LLP: California Court Chips Away At Employees' Right To Bring Class Actions
Posted on 16 Mar 2012 by Abbey Spanier

Recently we posted in NLRB Finds Class Action Litigation Protected Activity Under NLRA that employees' right to pursue litigation collectively in a class action had been upheld by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Unfortunately, although... Read More

Abbey Spanier LLP: JPMorgan Loses Bid to Prohibit Class Arbitrations
Posted on 5 Dec 2013 by Abbey Spanier

A California federal judge denied JPMorgan’s motion to compel arbitration on an individual basis. Two former JPMorgan employees filed a class action complaint alleging violations of state and federal labor laws on behalf of JPMorgan appraisers.... Read More