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DLA Piper: EU: European Court Of Justice Rules Right To Be Forgotten Principle Applicable To Search Engines
Posted on 20 May 2014 by DLA Piper

By P:atrick Van Eecke and Anthony Cornette In a landmark ruling the European Court of Justice [on May 13] ruled that search engines, as a principle, need to remove the link between search results and a webpage if it contains information the individual... Read More

DLA Piper: FCC Approves Order On 21 Pending Petitions Seeking Clarification Of The TCPA: Key Points
Posted on 29 Jun 2015 by LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Staff

By Lesli C. Esposito and John D. Huh In a vote of three to two, with voting falling along political party lines, the Federal Communications Commission approved an order addressing 21 pending petitions seeking clarifications of various aspects of the... Read More

DLA Piper LLP: Russia’s Data Localization Requirement Will Take Effect Sept. 1
Posted on 9 Jul 2015 by DLA Piper

By Michael Malloy and Pavel Arievich Russia’s much publicized changes to its data protection rules come into force as of September 1, 2015. These changes are broadly, and vaguely, written and apply to almost anyone handling the personal data... Read More

DLA Piper LLP: Wire Transfer Phishing – An Old Scam Returns: Simple Steps To Protect Your Organization
Posted on 14 Aug 2015 by DLA Piper

By Tara McGraw Swaminatha and Christopher Scott Companies around the world are seeing the resurgence of an old scam: wire transfer phishing attacks that trick employees into wiring money from company bank accounts to criminals’ bank accounts... Read More

DLA Piper: European Parliament Passes the Data Protection Regulation
Posted on 19 Mar 2014 by DLA Piper

By Emma Thomas In a vote [March 12], the European Parliament has given its formal approval to its version of the new European Data Protection Regulation. With an approval given by 621 for, 10 against, 22 abstentions, the path is now set for the next... Read More

DLA Piper: France’s Data Protection Authority Unveils Inspection Targets For 2014
Posted on 20 May 2014 by DLA Piper

By Carol A.F. Umhoefer and Jeanne Dauzier The French Data Protection Authority (the CNIL) has announced its 2014 inspection targets, with the goal of reaching 550 inspections for the year. Last year, the CNIL carried out 414 inspections. Capitalizing... Read More

DLA Piper: Effective Cybersecurity: 8 Questions for You and Your Team
Posted on 25 Mar 2015 by DLA Piper

By: Jim Halpert Cybersecurity has become a top-tier risk for US and multinational organizations. It is only a matter of time before a determined hacker will penetrate your organization’s system and successfully exfiltrate some data. (Indeed,... Read More

DLA Piper: Bill of Law on Internet-Related Matters is Approved in Brazil
Posted on 28 Mar 2014 by DLA Piper

By Adriano Chaves and Maria Paula Souza , Campos Mello Advogados law firm (Brazil)* The so-called “ Marco Civil da Internet ” (i.e. the Bill of Law 2,126/2011, which establishes a civil rights framework for the Internet) was voted and approved... Read More

DLA Piper Legal Alert: Important Changes to Russian Data Protection Laws
Posted on 23 Sep 2014 by DLA Piper

By Michael Malloy and Pavel Arievich Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new law amending the Law on Data Protection and Law on Information. The law requires all personal data operators – subject to few exceptions – to store and... Read More

DLA Piper: California’s Green Chemistry Initiative: ‘Work Plan’ Basics And The 7 Product Categories – 3 Action Steps
Posted on 3 Oct 2014 by DLA Piper

By George Gigounas and Rachael E. Yourtz California is steadily implementing its landmark Green Chemistry Initiative, which increases regulation and oversight of consumer product chemical exposures in important ways. In a recently published Work Plan... Read More

DLA Piper LLP: Plan now to use off-band communications during an incident response: key points
Posted on 28 Oct 2015 by DLA Piper

By Tara McGraw Swaminatha Your company is in crisis mode in the throes of a security incident response (IR). But you are calmly executing your well-honed IR plan − a plan you developed and tested during mock exercises over the past year. You... Read More