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FAA Approves Ag Drone Flights for One Company: Is Decision a Road Map for Others?
Posted on 9 Mar 2015 by Todd Janzen

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted a Washington company (Advanced Aviation Solutions LLC) an exemption to fly unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAVs" or "drones") commercially for "precision agriculture" and "crop... Read More

Privacy Concerns Escalate as Drones Are About to Take-Off
Posted on 19 Jun 2014 by Keller and Heckman LLP

The widely-anticipated commercial deployment of drones piques the interest of critical infrastructure industries, the agricultural sector, and technology companies such as Amazon . Consistent with this commercial interest and its Congressional mandate... Read More

Unauthorized Drone Operations
Posted on 14 Sep 2015 by Keller and Heckman LLP

Last month the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that there has been an increase of reports from pilots concerning drones operated near airplanes and helicopters. According to the FAA, there have been more than 650 sightings of drones by... Read More

Drones at the Speedway: A Presentation to The Racing Attorneys Conference (TRAC)
Posted on 20 May 2015 by Todd Janzen

On April 15, 2015 I was on a panel discussing hot topics in the law at The Racing Attorneys Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. I talked about the legalities of unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) or "drones" in the motor racing industry. I've... Read More

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Ten Key Points to the FAA's Proposed Small UAV Rule
Posted on 14 May 2015 by Todd Janzen

The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) has released proposed rules that would govern the integration of “small” unmanned aircraft systems (“small UAS”) into the National Airspace System. The proposed rules specifically... Read More

FAA Issues $1.9 Million Fine to Drone Operator
Posted on 14 Oct 2015 by Todd Janzen

On October 6, 2015 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an enforcement letter to SkyPan International, Inc. assessing a $1.9 million dollar civil penalty for flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) without permission. The FAA has fined drone... Read More

Will Drones Be Used By Government Agencies To Monitor Agriculture?
Posted on 25 Sep 2013 by Todd Janzen

All of the excitement over drones lately has made me wonder how more widespread use of drones will affect agriculture. We got a preview of the issue last year, when one Congressman falsely accused the EPA of using military drones to spy on farmers. It... Read More

FAA Seeks To Penalize Model Airplane (aka "Drone") Pilot
Posted on 15 Oct 2013 by Steven M. Siros

In what appears to be a case of first impression, a drone operator that had been hired to take aerial photographs for an advertising agency was assessed a civil penalty of $10,000 for operating an "Unmanned Aircraft System" ("UAS"... Read More

The U.S. is Fast Becoming the Slowest Adopter of the Latest Advancement in Aviation - the Unmanned Aircraft System, Commonly Known as the Drone
Posted on 23 Apr 2014 by Keller and Heckman LLP

By Komal Jain For a split second, it looked like hobbyists and specially authorized users would no longer be the only ones using drones. It seemed entirely possible for the U.S. to catch up to other countries and capitalize on the technology, which... Read More

FAA Issues New Proposed Rules for Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)
Posted on 30 Apr 2015 by GreenbergTraurig

The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 addressed the integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems, also known as UAS or drones, into the national airspace system. The Act requires the Secretary of Transportation to develop, among other things... Read More