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State GMO Labeling Laws Present Unanswered Legal Questions
Posted on 8 Nov 2013 by Todd Janzen

At least 20 states have considered bills requiring labeling for genetically modified (GMO) foods in the past few years. California's Prop 37 was the most notorious of these proposed laws, but it was defeated by referendum in November 2012. This hasn't... Read More

While FAA Regulations Stay Grounded, State Drone Laws Take Flight
Posted on 27 Jan 2015 by Todd Janzen

Indiana is one of at least twelve states that enacted laws this past year limiting use of "unmanned aerial vehicles" (UAVs) or "drones." The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has known about the coming wave of drones for years... Read More

A Brief History and Overview of Country of Origin Labeling Requirements
Posted on 27 Jan 2014 by Keller and Heckman LLP

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) laws and regulations require retailers to notify their customers of the country of origin of covered commodities, which include beef, veal, lamb, chicken, fish and shellfish, goat, pork, perishable agricultural commodities... Read More

FAA Approves Ag Drone Flights for One Company: Is Decision a Road Map for Others?
Posted on 9 Mar 2015 by Todd Janzen

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted a Washington company (Advanced Aviation Solutions LLC) an exemption to fly unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAVs" or "drones") commercially for "precision agriculture" and "crop... Read More

California Court of Appeal Rules that State Law Claims for Alleged Misuse of the Term 'Organic' on Food Products Are Preempted by Federal Law
Posted on 21 Jan 2014 by GreenbergTraurig

In a case of first impression, and with enormous national implications for the food industry, on December 23, 2013, the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, ruled that state law consumer actions challenging certified organic growers’... Read More

Contaminated Cheese and Chicken
Posted on 25 Feb 2015 by DLA Piper

One person dies from listeria linked to soft cheeses. Two people have been hospitalized and one has died in an ongoing listeria outbreak purportedly linked to Hispanic-style soft cheeses. The three cases were all reported in Washington state. The cheeses... Read More

Food Safety Audit Firms May be Held Liable for Consumer Injuries Resulting from Negligent Inspections
Posted on 23 Dec 2014 by Keller and Heckman LLP

A food safety audit firm can be held to answer in court for claims that its negligence in performing an audit led to the sale of contaminated food and the subsequent injury, or death, of a consumer of that food. If ultimately found liable, the food safety... Read More

GMO Crops May Be Grounded In Oregon, While GMO Labeling May Be Stripped Off In Vermont
Posted on 10 Sep 2014 by DLA Piper

By: Stefanie Jill Fogel , Mary B. Langowski , and Tiffani V. Williams Congressman expects state measure against GMO crops will pass. Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) has predicted that Oregon will approve a statewide ban on the cultivation of GMO... Read More

Will Drones Be Used By Government Agencies To Monitor Agriculture?
Posted on 25 Sep 2013 by Todd Janzen

All of the excitement over drones lately has made me wonder how more widespread use of drones will affect agriculture. We got a preview of the issue last year, when one Congressman falsely accused the EPA of using military drones to spy on farmers. It... Read More

State Net Capitol Journal Spotlight: The GMO Debate
Posted on 11 Nov 2013 by State Net

In an up and down year, GMO opponents have a very down week Just weeks ago, you could not have blamed the burgeoning anti-GMO movement for feeling pretty good about how things were going this year. In July, advocates seeking to force agricultural producers... Read More