Winners and Losers in the Madoff Case

Irving Picard, the trustee in the Madoff case, was in court last week as a panel of three judges heard arguments on whether net winners in the Madoff case ought to be able to collect money from the government. Net winners are those who took more cash out of Madoff's funds than they put in. Apparently, there are several of these guys who think they should get more money. Hmmmm.....

The WSJ had this to say about the case: "The judges' decision is likely to determine which Madoff customers may collect up to $500,000 apiece from the Securities Investor Protection Corp., an industry association created under federal law to insure investors in failed brokerages. It is also expected to affect how to divide billions of dollars Mr. Picard is recovering through legal settlements with people who withdrew money from the Ponzi scheme."

Now, it seems just a bit greedy to me that investors who got more money from Madoff than they put in would also be trying to collect from the taxpayers simply because Madoff sent them a statement showing they had more fictitious profits than they had already withdrawn!

Read the article in its entirety on Mark and Aaron Zimbelman's blog, FraudBytes

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