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The Rich Will Pay for Our Sins

More and more Republicans in Congress are distancing themselves from their promise never to raise taxes. In fact, it's been "Throw Grover Under the Bus Week" in Washington.

I am no fan of the pledge never to raise taxes. It's not that I have a philosophical desire for higher taxes. Liberals have long opposed the pledge because it violates their core belief system. I don't feel that way. Nor do I have an intense hatred for Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform. Lefties have always hated those who want people to be able to keep their money in their pockets. I don't. I actually think that Norquist's goal of smaller government is virtuous.

Rather, I oppose the pledge because it does not work........


Everyone knows that taxing the very rich will have no perceptible effect on the deficit. It's all for show. The president and Democrats in Congress can say they stuck it to the millionaires and billionaires. Fairness will abound. The Republicans can tell the world that they are reasonable people willing to compromise on issues as important as taxes. But Americans will still get more government than they are willing to pay for.

Some liberals have called for us to go over the cliff and to raise taxes across the board. Like Norquist, they are miscalculating. If everybody had to start paying more, there would be a lot more questioning of massive defense spending, egregious subsidies for industries, and entitlements run amok. But for now, we must be content with the rich paying more so we can get more than we deserve from our government.

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