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So You Have an iPad....

If you are a current iPad or iPad2 owner you have probably tinkered around with it a lot. In fact, you have probably already mastered Angry Birds, totally customized your Pandora station, and your iBook shelf runneth over. Are you now considering using it for work and productivity purposes? What are the benefits to using your iPad for your daily work tasks and how can you take your app experience to the next level?

For attorneys and other legal professionals, the iPad is an excellent tool that can be used for everyday work responsibilities. For starters, its small, light and portable; it can house a large amount of documents, including PDFs; and each model has connectivity options. In terms of customizing your iPad with productivity and organization apps, the possibilities are numerous and continue to specialize with an eye towards the legal industry. However, with over 65,000 apps, it is difficult to discern which apps are truly the best for the practice of law. For those just starting to entertain the thought of using their iPad for work purposes, there are a handful of iPad apps that seem to be universally recommended by those in the legal industry.

For attorneys, librarians or paralegals, LexisNexis offers an app that lets you Get Cases and Shepardize. Just enter your current ID and password to retrieve and Shepardize a case by citation. The app also allows you to bookmark or email the case.

For sharing, Dropbox is the sharing app that is most suggested by attorneys and is one of the top rated apps in the iTunes store. If you run any part of your business "in the cloud," Dropbox allows you to synchronize your computer, your iPad, and other hard drives in one place, letting you access your files on any computer loaded with DropBox.  Being able to share documents in this fashion allows you and your team to work quickly and effectively in real time.

Keynote from Apple's iWork suite, is the go-to app for creating presentations. It is very easy to use, particularly if you are used to PowerPoint. Keynote offers multiple themes to choose from, the ability to upload photos, graphics and animation and you can open existing PowerPoint presentations in Keynote.

iAnnotate and Goodreader are PDF readers that are extremely popular with attorneys and legal types. Both apps allow the user to enter fully integrated notes, highlights, sketches, drawings and more into PDFs. Both apps also work well with Dropbox. You may consider purchasing a stylus for your iPad to make the most of these apps.

Want organization, annotation and presentation capabilities rolled into one and have a few bucks to spare? Check out TrialPad. For $89.99, TrialPad will keep your evidence organized and easily accessible and it allows you to present your PDF documents through a projector via your. TrialPad does not currently have presentation creation functionality like Keynote, and it lacks all the extra bells and whistles of iAnnotate, but for its short few months in the app store, TrialPad has received rave reviews across the legal blogosphere.