TechLaw10: FTC Seeks To Protect Personal Data In Bankruptcy Proceedings


TechLaw10 hosts Jonathan Armstrong and Eric Sinrod discuss legal issues related to information technology. 

In this episode, Jonathan and Eric discuss concerns about how personal information of Borders customers will be handles in auctions related to the company's bankruptcy proceedings.


  • As an update to last week's podcast on the Borders case the court order is now here - Barnes & Noble were permitted to buy some US customer data but none from outside the US. They also cannot be given credit and debit card information or Social Security numbers. Barnes & Noble must notify all affected Borders customers of their right to opt out of the transfer through notices sent via e-mail, posted on both companies' websites, and placed in a national newspaper. Customers who receive the e-mail notice will have 15 days from the notice to opt out. Others will have 30 days from the date of the first display on the websites to opt out. There are some additional conditions outlined in the order from the Southern District of New York.