Things You Shouldn't Share with Your Facebook Friends

This may seem obvious to many or us, but it is almost always better to be overly-cautious in the age of identity theft.  The Huffington Post just published a list of the  13 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Facebook Friends.  Why not? You might ask? According to the article, your page is subject to unintended views from employers, stalkers, federal agents and insurance companies.  You probably think you are safe because you've chosen to set your information as viewable by friends only, but that may not be sufficient protection.

If you think we are acting as cyber-mom here and being overly-protective, check out Huffington's list of posts that got people fired. 

Here's Huffington's  List of Things You Shouldn't Share:

  • 1) Your Birth Date and Location
  • 2) Your Mother's Maiden Name
  • 3) Your Home Address
  • 4) Your Plans for Long Trips Away from Home
  • 5) Your Plans for Short Trips Away
  • 6) Inappropriate Photos (we all know how THAT can get you fired!)
  • 7) Confessions
  • 8) Your Phone Number
  • 9) Vacation Countdown
  • 10) Your Child's Name(s)
  • 11) Your "Risky" Behavior
  • 12) Photos Showing the Layout of Your Home
  • 13) Your Profile on Public Search (Really-you ask? Who would do that?)

Some of the eye-rolling items shared on Facebook include the 19 year old mother who posted a photo of her baby with a bong, the UK fugitive who taunted police on Facebook (you can guess who got the last laugh,) and the couple who ate a rare Iguana on Facebook.


The Huffington Post