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Feds Declare that Blogs and Social Networks are Public Meetings
Posted on 12 Apr 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

For purposes of dealing with web 2.0 the White House Memo released on April 7, 2010 about social media specifically states that "interactive meeting tools-including but not limited to public conference calls, webinars, blogs, discussion boards... Read More

IRS Scored Better Customer Satisfaction than Facebook!
Posted on 27 Jul 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

A new report shows that customers are not that happy with Facebook and MySpace also showed that social media was ranked lower than property & casualty insurance. Also not a surprise that airlines were lower in customer satisfaction than social... Read More

Messages on Facebook & MySpace are Protected Information
Posted on 4 Jun 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

A Judge ruled that Facebook wall postings and MySpace comments may not be subpoenaed based on the 1986 Stored Communications Act which is the same statute before the US Supreme Court in Quon v. Arch Wireless . US District Judge Margaret Morrow's... Read More