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Cybersmear $13.78 Million Verdict Thrown Out
Posted on 18 Jun 2012 by Peter S. Vogel

After losing a $13.78 jury verdict in April, 2012 the defendants persuaded the judge that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the defendants actually posted the anonymous libel. The plaintiffs, Mark and Rhonda Lesher, did get IP (Internet Protocol) addresses... Read More

Privacy at Risk? - Feds to Monitor Twitter & Facebook
Posted on 2 Nov 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

US citizens expect the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to protect the country from potential threats, but the recent announcement that DHS will monitor Twitter & Facebook will surely cause privacy advocates great concern. Social Media has... Read More

FCC $8 Billion Plan to Expand Broadband
Posted on 7 Oct 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

The FCC plans to spend $8 billion to expand broadband service to more than 18 million citizens in rural America who lack high speed Internet access. In a speech, Julius Genachowski (FCC chairman) called access to broadband "a necessity"... Read More

Only 80% of US teens on Social Media
Posted on 15 Nov 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Pew's recent report came as no surprise that 95% of teens (12-17) are on the Internet . But why are only 80% using Social Media? Amazingly 55% of online teens "have decided not to post something online because they were concerned that it... Read More

Are Privacy Policies Being Enforced?
Posted on 17 Oct 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

My eCommerce Times column for October is entitled " Shore Up Your Privacy Policy Before Disaster Strikes " and I encourage you to read it. Actually it was published the same day as my blog that more than 7.5 million children under 13 are... Read More

eDiscovery Tool May Help HP Create a New Search Engine to Compete with Google & Bing
Posted on 28 Sep 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

New Scientist reports that HP may use the Autonomy pattern-recognition eDiscovery tool to develop a new search engine which would work in tandem with HP's text-based search. The report includes this example : ...the ability to point your... Read More

Cloud Computing - Ancient Technology Solution with a New Name
Posted on 21 Oct 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Use of remote computers has been around since at least 1964, but the current marketing buzz called Cloud Computing might make you think there's something new. However Cloud Computing is merely the newest label for the 1964 remote computing service... Read More

Facebook Confesses Failure to Comply with Privacy Laws
Posted on 1 Dec 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

After the US government filed charges that Facebook violated US privacy law, Facebook finally confessed that it failed to protect the privacy of its 800 million active users. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) welcomes the public to submit comments... Read More

Protect Your Trademark from .xxx
Posted on 20 Sep 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Trademark owners must act to avoid adult brands creating .xxx domains and can take advantage of the sunrise phase from September 7 through October 28, 2011. I welcome you to read the Gardere Intellectual Property Alert entitled " Prevent... Read More

GPS Privacy in Doubt for Former OnStar Customers
Posted on 23 Sep 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Effective in December 2011 OnStar GPS navigation-and-emergency-services company will collect vehicle data for those customers who terminate their agreements . The 10 page OnStar Privacy Statement states that: Unless the Data Connection to your... Read More

More than 7.5 Million Facebook Users are Younger than 13
Posted on 12 Oct 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

The June 2011 issue of Consumer Reports included an article that Facebook has more than 7.5 million children as users which apparently is violating the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which precludes children under 13 from... Read More

China and Russia Accused of Internet Spying on US Companies
Posted on 7 Nov 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

US intelligence agencies just reported to Congress that China and Russia have national policies to steal technology from US companies over the Internet. The Congressional report was compiled by the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive... Read More

GUEST BLOG: New SEC disclosure guidance about cyber security risks
Posted on 29 Oct 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

GUEST BLOG FROM JIM BRASHEAR I welcome Jim Brashear as a Guest Blogger with his blog concerning cyber security risks. Jim is Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Nasdaq-traded Zix Corporation , the market leader in email encryption... Read More

Google Buys Zagat - New Source of Data and Spread for Social Media!
Posted on 12 Sep 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Google paid an estimated $100-200 million to expand its reach by purchasing Zagat Survey that potentially increases Google's Social Media power. Pew Research recently report that 92% of adults on the Internet use search engines every day , so couple... Read More

Copyright Troll Righthaven Near Bankruptcy
Posted on 13 Sep 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

After filing more than 275 copyright infringement lawsuits , it now turns out that Righthaven was not the owner of the copyrights asserted in the lawsuit, and as a result is now on the verge of bankruptcy. The copyright infringement claims were made... Read More