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Peter S. Vogel: Cloud Data Storage - How Safe?
Posted on 17 Aug 2012 by Peter S. Vogel

By Peter S. Vogel Daily news headlines regularly report lax, or no, security for cloud data. In the past few weeks two very high profile businesses reported cloud breaches - Apple's iCloud and Dropbox. It is no coincidence that my August column... Read More

Apple Announces iCloud and While the FBI Admits an Internet Breach
Posted on 7 Jun 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Steve Jobs' predicts that Apple's free iCloud will allow everyone store all of their music, video, photos, and documents on the Web , which is no surprise in today's hot cloud world. But many alarms went off around the world with the FBI's... Read More

Court Protects Cloud Music Lockers
Posted on 24 Aug 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Copyright protection extends to cloud music lockers based on a new federal court ruling. US District Judge William H. Pauley III in New York granted judgments in favor of MP3tunes and Michael Robertson on August 22, 2011 under the Digital Millennium... Read More