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Keller and Heckman LLP Telecom Business Alert -- Vol. IX Issue 2

LightSquared Files Petition Seeking FCC Ruling on GPS Interference Protection

The debate regarding interference from LightSquared's proposed terrestrial system continues. On December 14th, the Federal Government's National Coordination Office for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing issued a statement reporting that LightSquared's transmissions will cause harmful interference to the majority of GPS receivers. Following the release of the statement, LightSquared filed with the FCC a Petition for Declaratory Ruling. The Petition seeks a ruling from the FCC that GPS devices are not entitled to interference protection from LightSquared's terrestrial wireless network and that LightSquared is not responsible for the costs of ensuring GPS devices can operate without interference. Under the 2012 Consolidated Appropriations Act, the FCC must resolve these interference issues before approving LightSquared's operations. This Act specifically prohibits the FCC from spending money to approve LightSquared's system until the agency "has resolved concerns of potential widespread harmful interference ... to commercially available Global Positioning System devices." Please contact Greg Kunkle (202.434.4178; with questions.

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