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Social Media: what every legal professional needs to know

No matter when it started, ‘social media’ (e.g. blogs, Twitter, wikis and social networks) has arrived and it’s definitely here to stay.
If you don’t know a blog from a bullfrog, you’ve probably had the feeling that you should get to know pretty quickly. You may not want to be an expert, but you’d at least like to appreciate how ‘that social media thing’ can support your professional life.
Or maybe you’ve already dabbled in social media. You may have a blog, be a member of a social networking site, or you send the odd Tweet every now and again.
Well whether you’re a social media ‘newbie’ or a ‘maven’, if you’re also a legal professional, this is your chance to learn. Exclusively through Martindale-Hubbell Connected.
In December, Martindale-Hubbell Connected is hosting a series of online events bringing together some of the legal profession’s top social media evangelists to share their knowledge and tips on the practical uses of social media.
The series includes a webinar entitled, “Positioning yourself for tomorrow’s social media today: Practical approaches for legal professionals” on Wednesday 9th December and is free to all MH Connected members. It will provide ‘real world’ examples where social media tools have helped legal professionals become more efficient and productive and will also look at the future of social media use - will we soon say goodbye to email?
The panel includes a range of legal professionals and social media experts from across the globe:
To register for the webinar click here
The December series also includes a number of blogs and forums from legal professionals and social media mavens across the globe focusing on:
  • How you can use social media to support your needs. MH Connected members in different roles across the globe share their social media experiences.
  • Time management – How to find the time to use social media. Is there a tradeoff with other activities such as email?
  • Personal and professional development – Learn how social media offers a wide variety of ways to research, share and learn by collaboration.
  • Future use of social media by legal professionals - Exploring how social media could be used in the future.
Social media tools offer legal professionals alternative and additional ways to become more efficient and productive. Now you can learn how, exclusively through Martindale-Hubbell Connected. Feel free to join us.
Rory Webber
Community Manager
LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell