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State Net Capitol Journal: Governors Brace For Marriage Fight To Return To States
Posted on 3 Jul 2013 by State Net

Governors reacted somewhat predictably to the Supreme Court's historic decisions supporting same-sex marriage last Wednesday, with Democrats hailing the rulings and Republicans bemoaning them. But there is one thing both sides can agree on: the battle... Read More

State Net Capitol Journal: Election Cases Coming Down To Wire
Posted on 12 Oct 2012 by State Net

As of late last month there were 15 legal cases pending across the country concerning new election restrictions. With roughly a month left before the presidential election, the cases leave judges with little time to resolve election issues in states where... Read More

McDougall v. Lamm: NJ Supreme Court Keeps Man's Best Friend in the Dog House
Posted on 27 Sep 2012 by LexisNexis Emerging Issues Law Community Staff

In McDougall v. Lamm, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that emotional distress damages are not available to a pet owner who witnessed the traumatic death of her beloved pet dog. Authors DePaolo and Knopf examine the court's decision and assess the... Read More