Workers' Compensation

LexisNexis 2011 Special Achievement Award for Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation Special Achievement Award

The LexisNexis Workers' Compensation Law Community is pleased to announce the recipient of its first Special Achievement Award. This year we would like to honor a social media phenomenon on LinkedIn - the Work Comp Analysis Group.

In the fall of 2008, Mark Walls, an Assistant Vice President - Claims at Safety National, started a discussion group on LinkedIn, with "the hopes of creating a tool to dialogue with other industry professionals about workers' compensation issues".  Three years later, the Work Comp Analysis Group, with 11,000+ members strong, continues to provide an active and engaged discussion group on issues that concern the workers' compensation world.

We want to recognize Mark Walls for his foresight in recognizing social media as a legitimate and vibrant platform to bring together industry professionals to discuss current topical ideas, concerns and solutions for the workers' compensation industry. By cultivating topics that are of current interest to all, he has been able to build an expansive group that expresses opposing views and opinions on wide ranging topics.

Some examples this past year of discussion threads that generated hundreds of comments by the Work Comp Analysis Group members were:

The Top 50 (or more) Best Workers' Compensation Cost Containment Tips. This discussion thread showcases the knowledge and experience of the Work Comp Analysis Group members and allows them to share lessons learned over the years.

What Can Employers Do to Help Control Their Workers' Compensation Costs? As explained by Mark Walls, "The front-line in workers' compensation is the employers. Ultimately, they are the ones who pay for the entire system." In this discussion thread, the Work Comp Analysis Group members posted their ideas of what worked and didn't work for them.

What Changes Would You Make to Improve the Workers' Compensation System? The workers' compensation system in our country is now 100 years old, and so it was more than fitting for the Work Comp Analysis Group members to reflect on the workers' compensation system and to suggest improvements. As Mark Walls aptly puts it, "Suggestions like 'raising' or 'lowering' benefits get us nowhere. Workers' compensation is a compromise that must protect the interests of everyone involved."

The Work Comp Analysis Group is more than just a "virtual water cooler" for discussion of workers' compensation issues and trends. At the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference, where, according to Mark Walls, the group's members comprise approximately 25 percent of the conference attendees, members can actually meet face-to-face at the Second Annual Work Comp Analysis Group LinkUp on November 9, beginning at 5 p.m., in the Spacequest Lounge of the Las Vegas Hilton.

On behalf of LexisNexis, congratulations to the Work Comp Analysis Group, the recipient of our 2011 Special Achievement Award!

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