Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (11/12/2012)

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AIA Releases Statement on 2012 Elections; Reauthorization of TRIA as Top Priority.

WCRI Conference Date Set; Stimulating and Provocative Program Promised.


AZ: IC Claims Division Releases Average Monthly Wage Procedure Eff. 12/3/2012.

CA: DWC Posts Draft SB 863 Rules Re SJDB, Doctor Predesignation, Chiropractic PTP.

CA: DWC Announces Nov. 14 Meeting Re Changes to Physician Fee Schedule.

CA: CDI to Hold Public Hearing on 11/16 Re Jan. 1 Pure Premium Rate Filing.

CA: DWC Opens Registration for 20th Annual Educational Conference.

CA: Contra Costa County to Receive $1.3M in Grant Funds to Fight Insurance Fraud.

CT: Dept. of Labor Issues Stop Work Orders to 16 Companies.

GA: Governor Appoints Gobeil to State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

GA: High Court Backs Employer’s Access to Injured Worker’s Health Information.

IA: Insurance Commissioner Approves WC Rate Increase.

LA: Court Affirms Certification of Healthcare Providers Class Action Re Silent PPOs.

MI: Judge Rules Injured Worker Has Right to Have Case Heard Locally.

MI: Accident Fund Celebrates 100th Anniversary.

MI: Attorney Alex Berman’s Blog Honored as a LexisNexis Top 25 Workers’ Comp Blogs.

MN: DLI Posts Tentative Timetable for 1/1/2014 Electronic Data Interchange Implementation.

MS: WCC Posts Revised Procedural Rules Effective Nov. 1.

MO: Attorney General Seeks to Fix Second Injury Fund.

NE: WCC Posts Information on Courtroom Technology.

NE: WCC Posts Notice, Agenda for Public Meeting Dec. 13.

NY: WCB to Consider Applications to Excuse Delay/Default Caused by Hurricane Sandy.

NY: WCB Posts 2013 Hearing Schedule.

NY: Court Affirms WCB on Boxer’s Misrepresentation of Workplace Injury.

NY: 2012 Acute Case Inpatient Rates, Exempt Hospitals, Detoxification Inpatient Rates.

NC: IC Says Enhanced Document Portal With Pay-Later Capability Now Available.

NC: Insurance Commissioner Approves Decrease in Loss Costs.

OH: Sarah Morrison Appointed BWC Chief Legal Officer.

OH: Injured Casino Workers Argue Casino’s Self Insurance Program Shouldn’t Apply to Them.

OR: WCD Posts Revised Elective Surgery Notification Form.

OR: WCD Posts Revised Version of PTD Calculator.

OR: WCD Reports Total WC Defense Legal Costs Decreased 6% in 2011.

OR: MAC to Discuss Opioid Position Paper at Nov. 16 Meeting.

PA: Former Volunteer Firefighter Acquitted on Fraud Charges.

TN: Governor, GOP, Business Groups Not in Total Agreement on Extent of WC Reforms.

TX: DWC Seeks Input on Medical Quality Review CY 2013 Annual Audit Plan.

TX: DWC Amends Rules Re Reporting Standards and State Specific Requirements.

TX: DWC Announces Recent Enforcement Actions.

TX: DWC Reports Rate of Nonfatal Injuries/Illnesses in Private Sector Unchanged in 2011.

TX: AG Opinion Addresses Concealed Hand Guns in Vehicles on Employer Parking Lots.

TX: WCRI Study Finds WC Costs Per Claim Declined Following Several Years of Growth.

TX: High Court Renders Judgment for Insurer, Reverses Award in Back Injury Case.

VA: High Court Rules Estate of Asbestos Victim Not Barred by WC Act From Suing Shipbuilder.

WA: L&I Offering Free Emergency Washing/Eyewash Workshops for Employers.

WA: L&I Says Surprise Sweep of 63 Work Sites Uncovers Unregistered Contractors.