Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (11/5/2012)

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Impact of Hurricane Sandy on Calculation of WC Premiums.

NCCI: WC Premiums to Exceed 2011 Growth by 9 Percent.

Sixth Circuit Overturns Dismissal of Alleged RICO Violations by Coca-Cola, Sedgwick.

NCCI Updates Carrier Data Quality Report Card.

NCCI Posts Residual Market State Activity Reports.

NIOSH Posts Information on Joint Pain in the Workplace.

Eastern Insurance Holdings Announces 3Q 2012 Results.

Amerisafe Announces 3Q 2012 Results.


AK: Governor Announces Appointments to Workers’ Compensation Board.

CA: Sheriff’s Office Reinstates Detective Wrongly Accused of Workers Comp Fraud.

CA: San Jose to Outsource Workers Comp Claims Administration.

CO: NCCI Proposes 6.1% Loss Cost Rate Increase.

FL: CFO Announces Ninth Arrest in Operation Dirty Money.

GA: Governor Appoints Top Staffer’s Wife to State Board of Workers Compensation.

ID: IC Proposes Changes to Judicial Rules.

IL: State Launches Joint Effort to Fight Employee Misclassification.

IN: Tony West, Former WCB Compliance Director, Joins Shean Law.

KS: Ins. Dept. to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Sale of Coventry Health Care to Aetna.

MA: WCRI Study: Costs Per WC Claim Declined During Recovery From Impact of Recession.

MA: Insurance Companies Reluctant to Write Workers Comp Policies in Massachusetts.

NE: Workers’ Comp Court Judge Receives High Honor From State Supreme Court.

NE: NCCI Proposes 0.3% Loss Cost Increase.

NH: AG Seeks Recusal of Supreme Court Justice in LGC Case.

NY: WCB Announces eClaims Requirements, Implementation of EDI Claims Reporting.

NY: Public Policy Institute on 2007 Reforms: WC Costs Remain Barrier to Economic Growth.

NY: AFL-CIO Reacts to Public Policy Institute’s Report on 2007 Reforms.

NC: Governor’s Task Force Promises to Crack Down on Employers w/o WC Coverage.

OR: WCD Posts 3Q 2012 Fatalities by Industry Report.

PA: Supreme Court Decision Chips Away at Subrogation Rights.

TX: DWC Adopts Rules Re Medical Quality Review Panel.

TX: DWC Adopts Revised Medical Quality Review Process Document.

TX: DWC Posts New DWC Form-072 Medical Quality Review Panel Application.

TX: Federal Appeals Court Revives WC Lawyer’s Lawsuit Over Blog Name.

TX: DWC Accepting Comments on Proposed Rule Changes Re Safety Accident Prevention.

WI: City Says Court Ruling in Police Injury-at-Home Case Hurts Wellness Initiatives.

WI: Newly Adopted Rules Detail Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (p.19).