Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (4/22/2013)

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Unclear if Boston Marathon Bombings an Act of Terrorism Covered by TRIA.

Insurance Expert Says Boston Raises Important Questions About TRIA.

Time’s Science Editor Examines Why Heroes Risk Their Lives for Complete Strangers.

National Center for PTSD Examines Impact of Stress From Boston Bombings.

West Texas Mourns First Responders Who Lost Their Lives in Fertilizer Plant Explosion.

West Texas Fertilizer Plant Last Inspected by OSHA in 1985.

West Texas Fertilizer Plant First Responders Exposed to Toxic Fumes.

A History of the West Fertilizer Company.

West Fertilizer Blast Spurs Risk Management, Insurance Discussion.

Clinic Wins Class Certification in Coventry Workers’ Comp Dispute.

Defense Base Act AWW Case Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court.

April 26 Symposium Scheduled to Celebrate US DOL 100 Year Anniversary.

NCCI Posts FAQs for Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA).

NCCI Posts Issue Analysis of Current Terrorism Risk Insurance Program.

Reed Group Acquires ACOEM’s Practice Guidelines.

Progressive Medical Releases 2013 Drug Trend Report.

Report: FDA Allowed Drugs Despite Fraudulent Research.


CA: DWC to Hold May 7 Meeting to Discuss IMR, IBR Communications.

CA: DWC Posts WCIS Administrative Penalty Regulations for Public Comment.

CA: DWC Posts Revised Benefit Notice Rules for Public Comment.

CA: DWC Audit Unit Begins Investigating Violations of Electronic Billing Rules.

CA: Retired Pro Athletes Protest Bill That Would Clamp Down on Filing WC Claims in Calif.

CA: Audit Finds Los Angeles Has Poor Tracking System for WC Overpayments.

CA: WCIRB Provides Guidance re Audit Requirements for Dual Wage Classifications.

CA: SB 588 Would Change Rates for Copy Service Charges.

CA: Ex-OC Sheriff Carona Agrees to $22K Settlement of Workers Comp Claims.

CT: Chairman of WC Advisory Board Under Attack for Lobbying, WC Cases Connection.

ID: Industrial Commission Adopts Rules re Self-Insured Employers, Medical Fees.

IN: WCB Revises Notice of Suspension of Compensation and/or Benefits Form.

MN: HF 504 Would Eliminate Workers Comp Reinsurance Association Prefunded Limit.

MN: HF 1319 Would Prohibit Employer Steering Practices re Chiropractic Services.

MN: HF 1378 Would Modify Workers Comp Court of Appeals Personnel Provisions.

MN: HF 1359 Would Make Various Policy, Housekeeping Changes for Workers Comp.

MT: Former Montana Power Agrees to $1.2M Settlement re Unpaid Workers’ Comp Claims.

NV: AB 427 Would Change AWW Calculation, Allow Specified Bad Faith Claims.

NJ: LWD to Review Court Rules.

NY: WCB Reports 2013-14 NYS Budget Includes Major  Changes to Workers’ Comp.

NY: WCB Announces New Printable eClaims Transaction Reports Now Available.

NY: WCB Rejects License Renewal for TPA of Public Employer Risk Management Assoc.

NY: 2nd Circuit Rules NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement Preempts NY Workers Comp Law.

NY: Pastor Ordered to Pay Back Workers’ Comp Benefits, Fined With Penalty.

NC: IC Provides Guidance on Prepayment of Negotiated Rates for IMEs, Second Opinions.

NC: IC Announces Updated Insurance Coverage Search System.

OH: BWC Appeals Judge’s Order re $860M Repayments.

OK: House Republicans May Lodge 10 to 25 Amendments for Workers’ Comp Bill.

OK: Attorney Says Opt Out Provision Would Result in “ObamaComp”.

OR: SAIF Posts 2012 Annual Report.

OR: WCD Proposes Changes to Preferred Worker Program: RTW Pilot Projects.

OR: Permanent Rules Published re Reducing Employer-at-Injury Program Wage Subsidies.

SC: WCC Approves Recommendation on Lump Sum Payments.

TX: DWC Posts Hotline Number, Information re West Fertilizer Company Explosion.

TX: DWC Posts Guidance on IW Requests for Post-Designated Doctor Exams of MMI.

TX: DWC Posts Audio of Hearing re Certification of Maximum Medical Improvement.

TX: DWC Posts April 2013 Safety & Health Update Newsletter.

TX: DWC Posts Recent Enforcement Actions.

UT: Labor Commission Summarizes New Laws re Workers’ Comp.

WA: L&I Proposes Changes to Pain Treatment for Injured Workers.