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Workers' Compensation

First Annual Chili Fest Is A Winner In The First State

The Randy J. Holland Workers’ Compensation Inn of Court held its first annual Chili Fest last evening for the meal portion of the November Meeting.  Celebrity Chefs included: Keri Morris-Johnston with White Chicken Chili, Kim Harrison with Cowboy Chili, Kiadii Harmon with Res Ipsa Loquitor Chili, Eric Boyle with Cincinnati Skyline Chili,  James Donovan with Vegetarian Chili, Cynthia Pruitt with Filet Mignon Chili and yours truly with Black Bean Sirloin Chili.  Pictured below is Brian Legum’s daughter Taylor (back by popular demand) sampling a piece of my Broccoli Cheddar Cornbread.

Even more remarkable than the meal was the CLE program, co-led by Program Chairs Scott Mondell and Christine O’Connor.  The topic for the evening was Appeals and Motions for Re-Argument and if that sounds a bit dry and unenthused, then all I can say is you had to be there. Talk about valuable insight teamed up with belly laughs.   A cast of thousands (okay, well maybe dozens) was led by Walt Schmittinger (forevermore to be known as Schmitty Schmitty Bang Bang) playing defense counsel and Bob Richter playing the claimant’s attorney. How sick is that? I have to say that this was the team tag team that was long-awaited, with much hype swarming the comp community for months,  and they didn’t disappoint.  Props to you both, Scott and Chris!






So getting back to what is near and dear to my heart (food and all things culinary), I am thinking next year we vote on the chili.    Turn the Chili Fest into a Chili Cookoff.  Any takers?

And just remember, notwithstanding my usual Pollyanna exterior…….. when it comes to chili- -my heart is dark and my beans are black. Game on!

Irreverently yours,



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