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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (11/18/2013)

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BLS Releases 2012 Employer-Reported Workplace Injuries and Illnesses.

U.S. Senate Subcommittee Discusses Payroll Fraud at Nov. 12 Hearing.

CA: DWC Will No Longer Collect Lien Activation Fees as of 11/19/2013.

CA: SCIF’s CEO Rowe, CFO Dan Sevilla Have Resigned.

CA: DWC Posts Revised QME Form 105, Instructions for QME Forms.

CA: DWC to Hold Public Hearing to Revise RBRVS Physician Fee Schedule.

CA: Sen. Calderon Removed From Committee Assignments Pending Bribery Investigation.

CA: WCIRB Provides Guidance on Assignment by Analogy Based on Process & Hazard.

CO: Pinnacol Board Chair Says Privatization Not Top Priority.

FL: WCRI Reports Rapid Growth for Outpatient Hospital Costs Per Claim.

FL: DWC Proposes Rule Amendment re Limited Liability Companies.

FL: FWCJUA to Discuss Business Plan & Forecast at Dec. 11 Conference Call.

IN: WCB Reports Second Injury Fund “In the Black” at End of 2013.

IA: High Court Awards Benefits to Immigrant With Expired Visa.

MN: DLI Begins 2-Year Pilot to Help IWs With Serious Low Back Injuries.

MN: DLI Offers Best Practices, Tips for New Law on Voc Rehab Conferences.

MN: DLI Seeks Input on Possible Proposed Long-Term Opioid Use Rules.

MN: DLI Reports Drops in Number of Claims, Premium Costs.

MN: DLI Reports Increase in Workplace Fatalities for 2012.

MN: DLI Gears Up for Electronic Filing of FROI 1/1/2014 Implementation Date.

MN: DLI Reports Size of Stipulated Amounts Varies by Workers’ Age.

MO: News Report Questions Governor’s Veto of Prescription Drug Database Bill.

MT: Workers Comp Judge to Enter Race for High Court Position.

NE: WCC Posts Summaries of Top Cases for FY 2013.

NE: WCC Proposes Rule Changes re Fees, VR, Lump Sums for Dec. 12 Meeting.

NJ: DWC Announces New Maximum, Minimum Benefit Rates.

NM: NCCI Explains 4% Increase in Loss Costs/Rate Filing.

NY: State Bar Questions Governor’s Plan to Shut Down 8 WC Hearing Sites.

NY: Senate Holds Hearing on Worker Misclassification.

NY: WCB Posts Changes to List of Health Care Providers.

NC: Insurance Commissioner Approves 0.3% Loss Cost Increase.

OK: High Court to Hear Oral Arguments Thursday for Challenge to WC Reforms.

OR: WCD Posts Final Rules re Medical Fee and Payment.

OR: WCD Posts Final Rules re Medical Services.

OR: WCD Posts Final Rules re Managed Care Organizations.

OR: WCD Posts Final Rules re Employer/Insurer Coverage Responsibility.

OR: WCD Posts Final Rules re Vocational Assistance to Injured Workers.

OR: WCD Posts Self-Insured Base Rates, Hazard Groups FY 7/1/13-6/30/14.

PA: Study Shows WC Costs Per Claim Moderating.

SC: WCC Seeks New Claims Director.

TN: TN Self-Insurers Association Seeks New Executive Director.

TX: DWC Invites Input on Rules re Independent Review Organizations.

TX: DWC Posts November Newsletter for Safety and Health.

TX: DWC Seeks Input for CY 2014 Medical Quality Review Annual Audit Plan.

TX: TDI Proposed Rules for Captives.

TX: OEIC Posts Actual Outcome for Performance Measures FY 2013.

TX: OEIC Posts Actual Performance for Output/Efficiency Measures FY 2013.

WV: News Report Touts Ongoing Success of WC Privatization.

WI: WCAC Considers Tying WC Payments to Medicare Reimbursement Rate.


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