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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (4/14/2014)

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Insurance Expert Predicts Growth Drivers for Workers Comp in a Sluggish Economy.

NCCI Posts 2014 Workers Comp Issues Report.

Temporary Worker Safety Becomes Hot Issue in 2014.

Expert Busts Myths of “Gray Market” Contingent/Temp Workers.

Safety Net Favors Middle Classes Over Poor.

Bipartisan Agreement Reached to Reauthorize TRIA.

CMS Takes Steps for Medicare Data Transparency.

AK: HB 370 Clean Drug Testing to Prevent Drug Diversion Unlikely to Become Law.

CA: DWC Announces Changes to PQME Request Process to Comply With Navarro.

CA: Cal Chamber Announces 2014 Legislative “Job Killer” Bills.

CA: DWC Posts Proposes Opioid Guidelines to Treat Injured Workers.

CA: DWC Forum on Opioid Guidelines Closes April 21.

CA: Supreme Court Grants Review in Police Officer Enhanced WC Benefits Case.

CA: DWC Issues 15-Day Notice re Proposed HOPD/ASC Fee Schedule Changes.

CO: Legislative Hearing Held on Police PTSD Bill.

CO: HB 1343 Would Cover PTSD for Police Officers.

CO: Pinnacol Lists WC, Insurance Bills to Support, Oppose, or Watch.

DE: WC Task Force Posts Audio of April 4th Meeting.

FL: DWC Proposes Rule Changes re Notice of Election of Exemption.

GA: SWCB to Adopt ICD-10 to Coincide With CMS Implementation Date.

KY: Governor Signs SB 124 Use of Cannabidiol for Medical Treatment.

KY: A.M. Best Gives Excellent Rating to KEMI.

ME: Employer Rep Warns of Possible Disruption to 2012 Workers Comp Fix.

MA: Workers Comp Advisory Council Posts Agenda for 4/9 Meeting.

MT: Workers’ Comp Judge Among Finalist for Seat on High Court.

NE: High Court Upholds PTSD, Chemical Dependency Claims for Shot Store Manager.

NY: WCB Posts Newly Authorized Health Care Providers List.

NY: Governor Signs Legislation to Identify Best Practices for Safe Patient Handling.

OH: Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Traveling Nurse Case.

OR: Governor Signs HB 4104 Interim Medical Benefits Prior to Acceptance/Denial of Claim.

PA: HB 1846 Regulation of Physician Dispensing Passed by House.

RI: Business Groups Fight Independent Contractor Bill.

SC: WCC Seeks Director of Administration.

SC: WCC Posts Electronic Employee Notice Poster.

TX: Commissioner: Closed Pharmacy Formulary Successfully Reduced Opioid Prescriptions.

TX: DWC Delays Workers Comp Transition to ICD-10 Code Sets.

VA: WCC Posts 2013 Annual Report.

WA: L&I Releases Study on Obesity and Occupation.

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