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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (4/6/2015)







NPR Reports on Impact of Employers/Insurer Medical Control in California.

House Passes Legislation That Could Increase Medicare Physician Payments.

Insurance Regulators Address Ride Sharing Insurance Coverage Gaps.

Study Finds 25% Rate of Opioid Misuse, 10% Addiction Rate.

Study on Opioid Misuse, Addiction Rate Questioned by Expert.

CA: WCIRB to Submit 10.2% Reduction in Advisory Pure Premium Rates.

CA: State Supreme Court Denies Review in Dubon v. WCAB.

CA: State Supreme Court Names Presiding Judge W. Kearse McGill to State Bar Court.

CA: US Sup Ct Denies Cert in Kozak v. WCAB (PD Rating Case).

CA: DWC Issues Notice of Public Hearing of QME Regulations on May 22.

CA: CHSWC Posts Study of Low-Wage Workers’ Experience With Work-Related Injuries.

CA: York Risk Services Fights Workers Comp Fraud, Recovers $1.5M for Clients.

CT: WCC Posts 2015 Official Fee Schedule for Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers.

DE: Dept. of Ins. Announces Savings of $9.3M in Workers Comp Insurance Costs.

FL: Court Hears Oral Arguments in Case Challenging Constitutionality of Workers Comp.

FL: DWC to Hold Hearing April 14 on Significant Rewrite of Expert Medical Advisor Rules.

GA: Joint House/Senate Committees Consider Bill to Cut Time to File Workers Comp Claim.

KS: KDOL Updates Practices and Procedures Guide for Workers Comp Cases.

LA: LWCC Welcomes New Judge, Outreach Director, Workforce Investment Council Director.

LA: LWCC Adopts Rule for Appealing Preliminary Determinations.

MI: WCA to Hold Hearing April 10 on Rule Changes for Health Care Services, Fee Schedule.

MT: Senate Confirms Former Workers Comp Judge as New Supreme Court Justice.

NY: Governor Appoints Catherine Leahy Scott as Workers Comp Fraud Inspector General.

NY: Long Term Exposure to Cold Found Insufficient to Support Occupational Disease Claim.

OK: Wilson Resigns as Chairman of WCC, Governor Appoints Two New Members.

OK: AIA Applauds Governor’s Signing of PDMP Legislation.

OK: Federal Court Must Sever and Remand Oklahoma Retaliatory Discharge Claim.

OR: WCD Posts 2014 Report on Oregon Workers Comp System.

PA: Ins. Dept. Determines No Contributions Required for Work Comp Security Fund in 2015.

PA: Nurse Due Partial Benefits Because of Allergy to Hospital Floor Wax.

SC: WCC Posts Latest Payment Allowances for Medicare Part B Drugs.

SC: WCC Posts Advisory Notice on Mediations, Submission of Form 70.

TN: Judge Finds Law Limiting Workers Comp Benefits for Undocumented Workers Illegal.

TX: SORM Announces New Director of Risk Management and Chief Risk Officer.

TX: DWC Posts April Issue of Safety & Health Update.

VA: WCC Posts Special Notice on Change in Condition Pilot Project.

VA: Employee Who Cures Light Work Refusal Entitled to Comp Benefits.









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