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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (6/9/2014)

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Sixth Circuit: Court Upholds Walgreen’s Termination of Employee for Using Armed Self-Defense.

John Hopkins Doctor Under Fire for X-Ray Readings in Black Lung Cases.

CMS Releases May 29, 2014 Version of WCMSA Reference Guide.

WEDI Group Blasts CMS Delay of Shift to ICD-10.

US Senate Banking Committee Passes TRIA Reauthorization Extension.

NCCI Posts Report Explaining Drivers for Underwriting Cycle.

Coventry Posts Latest Drug Trend Report, Shows 2013 Decline in Narcotic Use.

AR: NCCI Explains 1.4% Decrease in Loss Cost/Rate Filing Change.

CA: WCIRB Actuarial and Governing Committee to Meet June 11.

CA: Federal Court Rules Exclusivity Barred Chemical Exposure Claims Against Mobil, Exxon.

CA: Kern County High Meth Rate, 50% of Comp Claims Involve Substance Abuse.

CO: GOP Lawmaker Wants to Know Why Pinnacol Seeks to Raise Premium Rates.

CT: WCC Welcomes New Commissioner Thomas J. Mullins.

CT: General Assembly Reappoints Commissioners Salerno, Walker for Another Five Years.

DE: Task Force Member Urges Legislative Action on HB 373 Reforms.

FL: DWC Proposes Substantial Rewrite Rule re Billing, Physician Dispensing.

FL: Supreme Court Posts Video of Oral Argument in Westphal TD Cap Case.

FL: Justices in Westphal Case Question Whether Inadequacy of Statute Makes It Unconstitutional.

FL: Governor Appoints Forte, Dietz as Judges of Compensation Claims.

HI: DLIR Announces Improvements to Automated System for Workers Comp Compliance.

IA: Workers’ Comp Commissioner’s Defamation Suit Against Governor Advances.

IA: Maximum Weekly Benefits Increase Effective 7-6-2014.

KY: DWC Updates Workers’ Comp Physician Fee Schedule.

LA: Court Rules Brain Aneurysm Five Months Post Injury Covered by Comp.

MN: Workers Comp Advisory Council to Reexamine North Dakota Temp Employee Exclusion.

MT: New Supreme Court Justice Jim Shea, a Former Workers Comp Judge, Sworn In.

MT: NCCI Explains 3.6% Decrease in Loss Cost/Rate Filing Change.

NH: LGC Subsidiary Trust Members Question $17.1M Repayments Not Paid in Cash.

NY: Court Rules More 9/11 Volunteers Eligible for Compensation Fund Benefits.

NY: WCB Proposes to Add Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines.

NY: Injured Worker Advocates Lists Support, Opposition to Legislative Bills.

NC: SB 101 Comp Rates for Severely Injured Workers Undergoes Revisions.

OK: WCC Posts New Employee, Employer Responsibilities Notice Form.

OR: WCD Posts New Base Rates for Self-Insured Premium Assessment.

PA: NFL Free Agent Injured in Minicamp Tryout Has No Comp Claim.

PA: BWC Posts Updated Range of Fees Charged by UROs, PROs.

PA: HB 2081 Elimination of Redundant WC Coverage for Maritime Companies Sent to Governor.

SC: NCCI Explains 7.4% Decrease in Loss Cost/Rate Filing Change.

TN: As New Reforms Kick In, Parties Will No Longer Race to the Courthouse.

TN: Dept. of Labor Issues Notice to Crack Down on Worker Misclassification.

WV: Maximum Weekly Compensation Rate Increases 7-1-2014.

WY: Court Finds Division’s Rule Setting Arbitrary Limitation on TTD Benefits Invalid.

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