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Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Powered by Larson's (7/7/2014)

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Sixth Circuit Moves Forward ADA Claim by Employee Denied Telework.

CDC Reports Opioid Painkiller Prescribing Varies Widely Among States.

Travelers Claims Nurse Program Cuts Costs, Provides Better/Quick Medical Treatment.

Moody’s Reports Workers Comp Rates Increasing at Slower Rate Than 2013.

GOP Lawmakers Submit Amicus Brief to NRLB to Reject Employee Status for Student Athletes.

CA: Another Lawsuit Alleges Doctors Implanted Fake Hardware in Spinal Surgery for Injured Workers.

CA: L.A. City Employees File More Claims Than Other City Employees in State.

CA: So. Cal. Port Drivers Gaining Results in Being Classified as Employees.

CA: Ninth Circuit Finds Employee Status for Home Delivery Drivers.

CA: DIR Approves Alternative Security Program, Frees $7.5B in Working Capital for Businesses.

CA: DWC Posts Changes to OMFS Physician/Non-Physician Practitioner Services.

CA: Labor Commissioner Posts FAQs on Domestic Worker Bill of Rights.

CA: CDI Opens Public Comment Period on Regulatory Filing.

CO: DWC Proposes Changes to Medical Treatment Guidelines, Medical Fee Schedule.

FL: Report Says New Laws Working to Decrease Prescription Drug Deaths.

FL: DWC Proposes Changes to Expert Medical Advisor Certification Rules.

FL: Order Reduces Assessment Rate to 1.50% for WC Administration Trust Fund.

FL: Order Reduces Assessment Rate to 1.17% for Special Disability Trust Fund.

IL: Tort Action Against Employer Not Barred Despite Occupational Disease Claim Being Time-Barred.

KS: Ali Marchant Appointed Workers Comp Administrative Law Judge.

LA: OWC Amends Medical Treatment Guidelines.

LA: OWC Amends Utilization Review Procedure Rules.

ME: Maine Has Highest Rate in Nation for Long Term Opiate Prescriptions.

MD: WCC Posts New Procedures for Submitting FROI Forms.

MA: Employer Sued by DOL Agrees to Pay Worker Discharged After Filing OSHA Complaint.

MA: Governor Signs Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Legislation.

MI: Governor Signs SB 900 Reimbursement for Certain Benefits Paid Prior to 1/1/2012.

MI: Governor Signs SB 704 Record Keeping by Compounding Pharmacies.

MI: Governor Signs SB 904 Felony, Penalty Provisions for Violations of SB 704.

MI: Dept. of Corrections Sees Drop in WC Claims With Use of Tasers/Stun Guns.

MO: High Court Ruling Could Mean More Retaliation Claims Filed.

MT: LMAC Hears Proposals for Changes to Designated Treating Physician Rules.

NE: High Court Affirms Benefits, Handicap Accessible Van for Injured Worker.

NH: Maximum/Minimum Benefit Increases Take Effect 7-1-2014.

NJ: SB 374 Passed by Senate; Eliminates Voluntary Offer Credits Due Employers.

NJ: Injured Worker Bound by Employment Contract Reducing Statute of Limitations Period.

NY: NYSIF Celebrates 100th Anniversary.

NY: NYSIF Announces Four Appointments to Board of Commissioners.

NC: HB 369 Would End Workers Comp Medical Benefits for Illegal Immigrants.

ND: WSI Posts New Maximum, Minimum Weekly Benefit Rates.

OH: BWC to Appeal Court Ruling on Overcharged Premiums.

OH: Sixth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment for BWC in Unpaid Premiums Case.

OH: Discharged Worker Fails to Prove Firing Due to Workers’ Comp Claims Filed.

OK: Thousands of Hearing Delays While Workers Comp System Splits Into Two Agencies.

OK: Insurance Commissioner Files Emergency Licensure Rule for Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

OR: Former SAIF President to File Lawsuit Over Job Termination.

PA: Senate Committee Pulls Physician Dispensing Bill From Agenda.

PA: Governor Signs HB 2081; Eliminates Dual Coverage Under LHWCA & State WC Law.

SC: Commissioner Roche to Resign Effective 7-31-2014.

TN: WCD Initiates New Procedures to Combat Misclassification of Workers.

TX: Texas Tribune Reports: Deck Is Stacked Against Injured Workers at the DWC.

TX: Texas Tribune Reports: Maimed, Dead Workers Part of So-Called “Texas Miracle”.

TX: Gubernatorial Candidates Sound Off on Voluntary Workers’ Comp System.

TX: DWC Approves 12 Companies to Self-Insure for Workers Comp Claims.

TX: DWC Announces Recent Enforcement Actions.

WA: Workers Comp Benefits Increase by Two Percent.

WA: L&I Reports 10,000 Injured Workers Benefitted by Return to Work Program.

WI: p7th Circuit Decision Serves as Warning Against Waiving WC Exemption.

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