Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (9/4/2012)

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CMS Announces Coverage Change Re TENS Units Included With WCMSA Proposals.

SSA Issues New Rules on Fibromyalgia Impairment.

Patriot Insurance Names Bob Peters as Chief Operating Officer.

Enstar to Purchase WC Insurer SeaBright for $252M.

NIOSH Provides Update on Lung Cancer Screening in the Workplace.


CA: SB 863 Workers Comp Reforms Sent to Governor.

CA: Governor Issues Statement on Workers’ Comp Reform Vote.

CA: Late Amendments to SB 863 Bring Bill to Life.

CA: WCIRB Actuarial Committee Posts Agenda for 9/5 Meeting Re SB 863.

CA: WCIRB Releases Updated 8/28/12 Cost Evaluation of SB 863.

CA: WCIRB Sets Date for Hearing on 1/1/2013 Rate Filing.

CA: CHSWC Posts Agenda for 9/6/12 Meeting.

CA: DWC Adjusts Outpatient Hospital/Ambulatory Surgical Centers Fee Schedules.

FL: Judicial Nominating Commission Names 5 JCCs for Reappointment, 6 for Appointment.

KY: Insurance Commissioner Approves 7.9 Percent Loss Cost Decrease.

ME: WCB Posts Rule Change Re Cancer Presumption for Firefighters.

MA: Div. of Insurance Rejects 18.8 Percent Increase in WC Rates.

MA: AG Applauds Rejection of Workers Comp Rate Hike.

MI: Study Analyzes Impact of Opioid Use on WC Claim Costs in Michigan.

MI: WCA Files Proposal to Regulate Physician-Dispensed Drugs.

MI: Michigan Celebrates 100th Anniversary of State Workers Comp System.

MN: Governor Appoints 3, Reappoints 1 to Advisory Council on Workers Comp.

MN: DLI Announces Mandated Electronic Filing for First Report of Injury Form.

NH: Secretary of State Holds Meeting to Explain $52M LGC Order.

NJ: Office of State Comptroller Warns of Hidden WC Costs in Using TPAs.

NJ: Inservco Insurance Identified as TPA With Alleged Undisclosed Side Agreements.

NY: Governor Signs Bill for Prescription Drug Database.

NY: WCB Announces Resignation of Dr. Komerath’s Authorization to Treat IWs.

NC: Industrial Commission Posts Transcript of Hearing on Proposed Rule Changes.

OR: WCD Posts Bulletin on Employer-paid Medical Reimbursement Claims Costs.

OR: WCD Updates Electronic Data Interchange Webpage.

OR: WCD Requests Advisory Committee Members to Review Medical Fee Rules.

OR: WCD Requests Advisory Committee Members to Review Medical Services Rules.

OR: WCD Requests Advisory Committee Members to Review Managed Care Rules.

SC: Governor Seeks to Strengthen Ethics for Attorneys Appearing Before WCC.