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Workers' Compensation

The Bangladesh Post: Spousal Benefits Less For illegals Per Delaware Death Statute










It has been an exciting week for this blogger.  On Tuesday a group of us (Matt Fogg, Julie Pezzner, Gary Baker, Susan Ament, Mike Owen and Andy Carmine) travelled to Washington, D.C. to observe a Supreme Court oral argument and spend a few cherished moments in the chambers of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Lunch afterward with our escort for the day, Justice Randy Holland.  This was like having a backstage pass at a Stones concert….maybe even trumps that.  But suffice it to say it has been an awesome week and it’s only Wednesday.

So I return to the office to hear from my friend John Morgan.  And as is often the case, he came bearing gifts.  I will leave John to tell it:

Hey Cassandra, check out this 4/10/15 Order of the Board.  Lots of references to little known and rarely-used sections of the Code.  I had no idea that the carrier could unilaterally commute spousal death benefits.  I also had no idea that non-resident alien surviving spouses are paid less than other surviving spouses.  Do with this document what you will.  Thanks.  Have a great day.

The attached is an Order in the case of Mohammed Rafique Ullah (deceased) v. Kailash & Sons, Corp, dba 7-Eleven Store #18494 (4/9/15).    I sincerely thank John for sharing this little repository of “fun facts” about comp that even I didn’t already know.

Bottom line: It is always better when they “put a ring on it”, but less so if you are an illegal.

Irreverently yours,



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