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The Back-to-School Post……and a Carrier Friendly Outcome in Delaware on the Use of Prescription Vendors

Cookie Tray

It seems this week that everyone is sending their little darlings back to school.  Pictures all over Facebook of the ornery little so-and-so's waiting for the bus, sporting all manner of new duds, their gap-toothed little faces smiling for the cameras.  As anyone who knows me well can tell you, I am not a "kid person".  The ones at church, for example, get on my nerves and eat my garnish whenever I put a cookie tray on display.  I wish someone would tell them I didn't put those little Godiva chocolates out for them to eat.  They make the tray look more appealing.  With food, it's all about the presentation...........  (and go eat some fruit roll-ups).

And as for  those  two who decided to have a pillow fight with the church lobby upholstery within a few feet of my sterno trays and Cupcake Tower.....well that old saying "Hey kid, why don't you go play in traffic ?" comes to mind.

My daughters are nearly grown. My firstborn is turning 24 today.  I am happy to experience the bliss that comes with not driving them everyone, not paying all of their bills, and knowing they are not going to embarrass me by wetting themselves the next time I take them out somewhere.

Okay, back to the law.....Today's case is courtesy of Joe Klusman.  It is in follow up to two prior posts:  my 10/10/11 titled "A penny saved is a penny earned..." and a 3/7/12 titled "Prescriptions Part Two...."  Joe's case is the appeal of the case under discussion in the 10/10/11 post.  The issue is whether the carrier can compel a claimant to use a preferred vendor for the supply of prescription medications.  The answer at the IAB level was a resounding "yes" and at the Superior Court level it is "yes" again.  Way to go, Joe!

Compliments of Joe, please enjoy the decision in Patricia Boone v. Syab, CA No. K11A-10-003 WLW (Del. Super. 8/23/12).

And keep your kids away from my garnish.......:>)

Irreverently yours,
Cassandra Roberts

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